10 things parents should not do for their children

Every parent loves their children. The relation parents and children share is unique and one of its own kinds. The parents make all their efforts to raise their children well. The parents put in time, money, efforts and emotions while they raise their children.

However, we know that more of anything is not good. Yet, often parents are doing more in raising their children which is certainly not good. So, if you are a parent, you need to read this article so you can get to know where to help and where to not!

  1. Don’t speak for them, let them build confidence

You need to give confidence to your children from an early age. Thereby at an early age when people ask their name or so, you shall not speak for them.

Let them have the courage to tell their names and speak with people. If you will start speaking for them, they will never grow up as confident people.

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  1. Be their parents not good friends

Well, these days parents want their children to be their friends. This does sound good, yet the role of parents is different.

Parents shall be close to their children so that they can share their emotions and problems, yet you need to give them space so that they can learn to socialize with kids of their own age.

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  1. Learn the needs of the child

As parents, you need to learn the needs of the children rather than want. Your child might want candies, but you know that he needs to have vegetables.

Moreover, stop telling them what they shall want, let them tell you what they want. And then decide if their want shall be fulfilled or not.

  1. Let them learn

As Parents, we always want to help our children in small and big things, but this is not okay. When your child reaches the age of 2 and above he can do many things such as wearing a pair of pants and so. If you will not allow them to do their work by themselves, they will never learn. Stop helping them so much.

  1. Let them decide what they like

stop imposing your preferences on your kids. If you like tennis it is not the destiny of your child to like tennis, they might like cricket. So, let them explore and decide what they like and what makes them happy.

  1. Give them some financial exposure

When kids reach their teenage, they start getting their pocket money. You shall never count it and break their trust. Let them learn how to save and buy something useful. Always guide them about how to save it for better things.

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  1. Let them select a hobby

A father would always encourage son at sports while a mother will encourage a girl at cooking and dressing. Yet you shall let them explore their hobbies. You girl might be as good at sports as your boy.

  1. Give them their due credit

Whenever your child gets successful, give them the credit of their success. Let them enjoy it. Don’t take the credit for yourself by saying that it is because of our hard-work that you got successful. This is certainly wrong.

  1. Let them decide their gifts

On your child’s birthday or little success, ask your child what they want. Even when their relatives ask them what gift they want, don’t indulge. Let them tell what they want.

6000 10 things parents should not do for their children 09

  1. Don’t indulge in personal matters

Even though this is hard for parents of teens, yet you need to give your children space. Let them live their lives. You shall always guide them but not indulge in personal matters.

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