10 Things, every girl should do before getting married

1-Live alone, or with a roommate. It is the ultimate way to enjoy a sort of independence and freedom. Additionally, it will make you appreciate all the things that your significant other will contribute to your life.

2-Travel with your best friends and/or sisters. You cannot even begin to imagine how unforgettable and exciting it will be to travel on a girl’s only trip. You might not have the time after marriage and kids and might not get such an opportunity again.

3-You should have a complete understanding of your finances. Learn about credit and taxes.

4-Chase after your dream job relentlessly. Whether you have wanted to be a doctor or an artist, there is absolutely no harm in trying it out. You should aim to give it a shot and stick to it for a few months. If you like it you like it, if you do not, at least you will not have any regrets later.

5-Learn to cook for yourself. Yes, you read that right. You just shouldn’t learn how to cook for the husband and the in-laws. You should be independent enough to feed yourself, even if it is only 2 recipes.

6-Make sure you spend time with your parents. Sometimes we get so involved in our own daily lives, that we forget that our parents made great sacrifices to their personal lives to raise us. Go for coffee sessions with the parents or go on a shopping spree and buy them something nice. You will miss them immensely once you are married, even if you are residing close to them.

7-Decide how you feel about having a kid, you will eventually discuss this with your husbands. Do you want 1, a few or a whole cricket team? If you decide this before your marriage, then you and your husband will be on the same page before the marriage.

8-Learn to accept people for who they are. You will need to stop expecting people to change, especially if it is your husband, as it will set you up for disappointment. Arguments and spats are a sure thing in every relationship, and it is something which you must face too. You must realize you cannot be always right. Admitting to being wrong, when you are, is beneficial for the relationship.

9-You should splurge on yourself. Pampering yourself is essential when you can. Doesn’t matter if you buy an expensive pair of shoes or go out to grab your favorite fast food. Learn to love your body. Nearly everybody has some aspect of their physical appearance which they do not like. You should embrace your body, accept it for what it is and understand that everyone is beautiful including you.

10-Spend some time alone and be comfortable being with yourself and not being lonely. It is the only way that somebody else will be comfortable in being with you.

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