10 things Arabs say when they find out you are pregnant

Once you got married, you feel safe that you have already passed all the hurdles that happen in an Arab wedding. From the day you got married, you will have to answer just one question from the people i.e. when are you going to have your first baby?

You manage to pass this stage too when you are about to have your first baby. Becoming a mother for the first time is taken as something unexperienced and this is the time when you will see everyone near you becomes a doctor or predictor, so get ready to answers the questions you will have to hear from the people once you announce your good news of becoming a mother.

1-“Kele la tnen”(Eat for two): Once you give your pregnancy news to your family, you will always have to fill your appetite to the extent. Arab women will always insist you to eat a lot and satisfy all your craving, even if you don’t have any.

2-“I knew it”: No matter when, where and at what moment you announce your pregnancy news you will find some people who will say that they already knew and the reason they give you will sound too weird that is they saw you in their dream.

3-You ‘re showing / you’re not showing: This happens when Arab women will start wondering at your baby bump. You will not get spare if you have a baby bump too soon neither you will be spare if your baby bump doesn’t appear too soon.

4-Switch your doctor: This is the main thing you will have to hear from your aunts. They will just say all the gynecologist are horrible except the one they go to. Now you have to decide the best gynecologist with your own help!

5-“InshAllah sabe”(hopefully it’s a boy): This is the main obsession that you will have to hear but on the other side, you will have to face disappointed face if you ever announce you want a girl or you are expecting a baby girl.

6-You are prettier/uglier: Your aunt will start making assumptions about what you are expecting from your looks, no matter why you look too tired?

7-Sweet or sour: This is the second funniest child gender indicator for Arab women. They will give you a different answer when you will reveal about the tastes you have been craving since you are pregnant.

8-The names come on its own: There are few Arab people who won’t shy of telling you the name you have picked for your child is too ugly! And if you get into a discussion with them it will end in one sentence “el essem la halo byeje” unless they tell you the custom of the family is the name should be based on the child’s grandfather name.

9-Don’t walk, stand, crouch, go upstairs too much: As soon as you announce your pregnancy news, get ready to hear several consultations because you will see each and every woman nearby you become a doctor with contradicting tips.

Resist walking, exercising, going upstairs or even breathing too hard in your first trimester and in front of any of your aunt or mother.

10-How many kids do you want? This is indeed a funny question you will have to hear even before the time you bring your first child into existence. The only answer here should be “just one”.

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