10 sports Items you can gift to your younger brother

We all know that younger brothers can be annoying sometimes but what better feeling is there than to see that broad smile on their face because you got them something they really like? Younger brothers are often the ones who love sports and if not, we should encourage them to indulge in outdoor activities.

Bicycle: We might say that bicycles are trending out, but are they really? Well, I don’t think so, the bicycle is still every young kid’s obsession and to get one for your younger brother is a treat for him to move around the area with some wheels. Don’t forget that all guys love riding some wheels!

If you are looking for it in the Saudi market, they are very expensive. A cheaper option is to order a bicycle online at a very reasonable cost and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Skateboards / Rollers: Rather classy and different, once mastered they feel amazing to ride and thrilling to watch. Skateboards attract boys who like performing stunts. Classy as they are, they attract young boys and is an ideal gift for your younger brother.

Punching bag set: We all know younger brothers can be aggressive, get them a punching bag set so that they can focus their aggression on something else. This helps to calm down and strengthen the muscles. It also helps to master some punching techniques.

Hiking boots: We often go hiking with family and friends and younger brothers are the most excited at such events, why not get them something like hiking shoes that would make them even more excited when they go out to such places, the glimmer in their eyes with excitement with something so simple is priceless to see.

Soccer shoes: Soccer shoes are a must, no matter how many they might have they still want the latest and the best. Out on the playing field the quality matters and nothing could make them happier than performing well because of the shoes you gifted them.

Badminton set: Something you can set up at home is a badminton set. This can benefit the whole family having something to play rather than only your younger brother, it a healthy sport which exercises the muscles and makes our reflexes better. Gifting a badminton set has, without doubt, many benefits.

Tennis Racket: Get your brother a tennis racket and get him going to a tennis club. A brilliant way to keep him busy in a healthy activity and shake off the laziness. Tennis is a very athletic and attractive sport. It helps build strength.


Getting into a club also helps the young ones manage their extra time well, which they are usually not very good at. If you check the local market, once again tennis rackets are pretty expensive. You can buy tennis rackets online at an affordable price.

Electric Scooter: It rather seems hectic to drive a scooter by pushing it with one leg and then resting it time to time. Why not get him something he can drive smoothly and easily? An electric scooter is a good choice and rather a very ideal as younger brother’s love roaming around the community.

Swimming accessories: If your brother goes swimming then get him a swimming cap and a pair of goggles and trunks, these might be something small but we are always running short of the smaller things. Some very impressive trunks and goggles are available which are a must buy for your brother.

Basketball kit: Basketball shoes and a good looking and nice quality basketball kit are all you need to motivate your brother to start playing this sport, highly productive and has a lot of perks.

Outdoor activities have become a must and we should encourage our younger generation to emphasize on it rather than sitting at home and staring at television screens all day long.

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