10 reasons your kids should visit Andalusia Kids’ Wellness Center

Andalusia Kids’ Wellness Center is the first center in Saudi Arabia dedicated to the health and developmental needs of the kids. It is not only a center for sick and autistic kids but also a center for good kids. The center depicts a sense of well-being from the moment the child steps in.

Your Children are prone to more diseases these days: In the current era, many unusual diseases have been discovered in children which grow and become a dangerous problem if they are not dealt with in the right way at the right time.

Children may develop these disorders due to reasons such as birth defects, the influence of technology, environmental surroundings, nutritional intake, minimum physical activity and overall unhealthy lifestyle.

How do we tackle these dangerous and unpredictable diseases? These factors may be ignored and can become a fatal problem as the child grows up. Research shows that diseases like Autism, dyslexia, learning disability, obesity, and ADHD are not so rare after all but rather a fair percentage of children are currently suffering from these diseases. The question is, how do we tackle these dangerous and unpredictable diseases?

01-Exclusive Programs for Kids: It has well-designed services that improve the health and well-being of the child. The center even has special programs for good kids enabling them to grow without any shortcomings.

02-Specialized Pediatric Clinics: Andalusia Kids’ Wellness Center has the most number of specialized pediatric clinics under one roof. Their special pediatric clinics include dentistry, cardiology, neurology, ENT, wellness, ophthalmology and services like vaccination clinics, obesity management, and ABR assessment. Other Pediatric services include Sampling lab, digital and Panoramic X-ray.

From the Pediatric services that this center has to offer one infers that it is one of the best centers for kids. The fact that the center focuses on every type of kid whether he is well or not is the specialty of the center.

It provides top class services through professionals who have great experience in this work. Bringing all of this under one roof in Saudi Arabia is no doubt a great achievement and a great service for the people.

03-Occupational Therapy: The center delivers its services with class and responsibility. It has highly qualified experts with world-class equipment in their pediatric clinics. It is the first center to offer occupational therapy through the multi-sensory room which provides the right environment for the child to calm and relax.

Two floors of the center are for a pediatric clinic that offers all types of specialties whereas two floors are for specialized services which cater for special needs of kids which have developmental delays.

04-ABA Therapy: The uniqueness of the center lies in the way it approaches towards curing the kids who are facing these disorders and the way it deals with kids so that they can avoid these disorders and problems.

The center offers some groundbreaking facilities that we have not even heard about before this. The approach of the center towards curing the child is humble and different from the other centers that we have come across in the past.

05-Pediatric Physical Therapy & Gym: It is the first specialized center for kids in Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, it offers Medical and Autism Services in one place.

It concentrates on not only keeping the kids mentally fit but also aims at keeping them physically fit therefore they have built the first-ever kids’ gym in Saudi Arabia. They have also introduced an all kid’s restaurant and workshops for parents, kids, and professionals.

Andalusia kids’ has adopted an unconventional for the treatment and well-being of kids. The facilities they are providing are very promising and one can see the wisdom behind offering such facilities. Their approach is appreciable and here is some brief detail of some of the amazing facilities they are offering.

06-Kids’ Restaurant: The restaurant provides food for kids of all ages and also provides a pleasure filled meal for the parents. Families can enjoy the family brunch on Friday and parents can indulge in different activities with their children.

Most of all, the restaurant is a means of relaxation for parents whose kids are undergoing therapy, the parents can observe and spend good quality time with their child as he undergoes therapy.

07-Kids’ Pharmacy & Concept Store: The pharmacy in Andalusia Kids’ provides access to all kinds of kids’ related pharmaceutical items. Apart from medicine, the items also include cognitive development toys, skin care products, and supplements.

08-Events and Workshops: As mentioned earlier, Andalusia Kids does not rely on the conventional methods for the well-being of the kids. The center resorts to many different techniques, one of them is to hold workshops and events for all kids.

These workshops are designed for kids, parents, and professionals. These workshops are targeted for kids with disabilities and well kids.

Some workshops aim at enhancing skills like Public speaking, Accelerated reading, sharing skills and social development skills workshop, how to be more focused and cognitive building workshops.

Some workshops are for fun and development such as becoming a junior entrepreneur and junior MasterChef along with tai chi for kids workshops.

09-Workshops for parents are designed to educate them on how to handle their kids when they are experiencing a certain disorder. These workshops are highly advantageous for the parents as many of the parents are unable to cope with the circumstances.

The workshops include Understanding ADHD, Bullying, After ASD diagnosis, Toilet training, Sibling dynamics and much more.

10-Workshops for professionals are conducted in order to update them and educate them about the new developments and how to enhance their ways of tackling the disorders and assessing the kids. Workshops include behavioral assessment, positive behavior interventions, classroom management, ethics and Implementing Direct Instruction (DI).

Andalusia Kids’ is one of the most innovative and technological center treating disorders in kids. It is a great step forward for spreading awareness, curing the ill and keeping the well safe and become the future stars.

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