10 reasons you should start eating Carrots from today

Are you a big fan of veggies or just carrots in particular? Well, it doesn’t matter because it turns out you NEED to eat carrots. Carrots are more than being just another tasty addition to juices, soups or salads. Carrots are also incredibly beneficial for your overall health as well as your body.

Carrots can work wonders for your teeth, eyes, skin and digestive system. So if the delicious flavor just doesn’t seem to be enough for you, here are plenty more reasons why you should be eating plenty more carrots;[irp]

1-Beta Carotene; Carrots are an incredibly potent source of the powerful antioxidant which is known as Beta Carotene. This antioxidant has several vital uses and can also be converted to vitamin A inside the body in order to maintain healthy skin.

2-Alkaline Elements; Carrots are a rich source of alkaline elements, which serve the purpose of purifying and revitalizing the blood while also balancing off the alkaline / acidic ratio maintained in the body.

3-Digestion; Carrots increase the production of saliva and also supply vital minerals, enzymes, and vitamins to the body that aid in the digestion process. Eating carrots on a regular basis may also help in the prevention of digestive disorders and gastric ulcers.

4-Potassium; carrots are an incredible source of potassium which helps in maintaining healthy levels of sodium in the body, as a result, they are also helping in the reduction of elevated levels of blood pressure.

5-Dental Health; Carrots can kill off harmful germs inside the mouth and also help in the prevention of tooth decay or cavities.

6-Wounds; grated or even raw carrots can be used in order to help heal any cuts, wounds as well as inflammation.

7-Phytonutrients; Amongst the numerous benefits of phytochemicals that are possessed in the carrots, is a particular phytonutrient which is called falcarinol which helps in the reduction of risk of colon cancer and also promotes good general colon health.

8-Carotenoids; Carrots are potent in carotenoids. Our bodies use the carotenoids in order to regulate the blood sugar.

9-Fiber; Carrots have a lot of soluble fiber in them. When consumed it may reduce the cholesterol by binding the bad type of cholesterol and increasing the good kind of cholesterol. This also helps in prevention of heart disease as well as reduction of blood clots.

10-Nails, eyes, hair and more; the nutrients that are found in carrots can improve the general health of your nails, skin, hair, and eyes by helping to detoxify your system and help build new cells.

There are countless other reasons why you should be adding this sweet and crunchy root plant to your daily diet if you like to grow your own vegetables do try your hand at growing some carrots and enjoy all the nutritional benefits that they have to offer for you, your family and your friends. If not, you could just pick up some carrots from your nearest market.

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