10 reasons why some pilgrims get lost in Makkah

You might have heard about pilgrims getting lost in Masjid al-Haram, here are the top 10 reasons for it. People keep on searching for their pilgrims in Masjid al-Haram, they can avoid it by following these tips.

1-Old age: Old age is one of the reasons pilgrims get lost. Elderly people go alone to the Grand Mosque and forget the way back to their hotels or accommodation. 

2-Language problem: Communication problem is another main reason for getting lost of the pilgrim in the Makkah. When a pilgrim is having a language problem and fails to communicate with a concerned official or when they are unable to tell the whereabouts such as name or location of their hotel or accommodation, they get lost their way.

3-Unfamiliarity with maps: Several pilgrims are those who are unaware of the maps published by the municipal ministry of Saudi Arabia. The pilgrims who are not familiar with the maps get lost their way back to hotels.

4-Not knowing the concerned authorities: Another reason is that the pilgrims are unaware of the concerned authorities. They do not even know to whom they have to contact in case of emergency and what are the authorities dealing with these affairs. 

5-The unfamiliarity of places nearby: As the pilgrims are new to the places they do not even use the surroundings. They do not even know the names of the streets or neighborhood places of the Grand Mosque. That is why they are facing problems getting back to their hotels.

6-Unfamiliar with the name of the accommodation: Another reason for getting lost in the Grand Mosque in Makkah is that the pilgrims do not know the name of the place where they are residing such as the hotel name. 

7-Not paying attention to nearby landmarks: Landmarks are to be remembered as a sign or mark of someplace. Most Pilgrim lost their ways back to the hotels because they do not pay heed to the nearby places and landmarks.

8-Ditching the group: Some of the pilgrims do not want to be with and stay with their group and want to go to the mosque alone. 

9-Removing the wristband: Every Pilgrim has a wristband that contains their names and location. Everyone should wear this wristband while going out of the hotel or accommodation. But some of the pilgrims do not bother to wear the wristband and get lost because they do not know the address of their hotel

10-Going to Grand Mosque from one road and returning from another: As the pilgrims are unfamiliar with the roads and streets, they mostly get lost when they are going to Grand Mosque from one road and returning from another.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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