10 Reasons to travel on coastal highway from Jeddah to Haql

Traveling by road can sometimes be a beautiful experience especially when the scenery around it is beautiful and the road is not congested with traffic. The coastal highway from Jeddah to Haql is an amazing road trip experience if you want to take a break and enjoy some time with family and friends.

The NEOM Project: Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman announced the international tourism project called The Red Sea Project under which he announced the 10,230 square mile zone known as the Neom. The coastal highway route 5 is a wonderful experience.

The twisting road at the edge of the red sea gives comfort to the heart and mind. You will experience the beautiful view of the sea and the scenery along with the beaches and the crystal clear water all along the coastal highway. 10 reasons why one must visit the coastal highway are;

1-Famous places: The scenery and beaches are not the only reason you would want to visit this area. The famous places easy to find along this highway are Catalina seaplane wreckage, wells of Prophet Musa A.S, Georgis G Shipwreck, Tayya al-Ism, Madain Saleh and many other.

2-The beautiful view: When traveling from Jeddah, the road starts getting closer to the shore when you reach Yanbu, this is when the view of the water gets better and better as you travel along.

The view gets better as you travel towards Haql as one side of the road is the ocean and the other is the mountain.

3-Food & Fuel: The first and foremost concern when you are about to go on a road trip is the access to food and fuel along the way. Luckily the coastal highway has fuel stations at regular intervals having a Bakala where you can purchase the necessary items easily.

Other than that, if you wish to dine in a proper restaurant you might have to take a detour into the small towns. This will not waste a lot of time as the towns are small and easily accessible.

4-Security: Travelling has always been safe in the Kingdom and this route is no exception. All along the way, the path is secure, though one must travel in daylight to enjoy the scenes.

5-Hotels: With many options along the way, you can book the hotel in person or you can always rely on booking.com. You can find a budget-friendly hotel for as low as 100 SR per night and an elite one as high as 500 SR per night.

The hotels and apartments near the beaches are always a touch expensive because of the view. Here is a trick to save SR 55 or $15 on your next Hotel booking through booking.com

6-Road: The perfect road with no heavy traffic and no speed cameras. Just small bumps due to uneven patches other than that it is pretty smooth. Go slow to enjoy the view!

7-Less populated: Few people visit the area which means it is less crowded and clean. The Natural beauty is preserved and the sand is neat and soft.

8-Swimming gear: Do pack your swimming gear with you because the clean blue water will attract you for a swim. But if you forget then there is nothing to worry about.

There are shops in towns along the way where you can buy the swimming gear at a reasonable price if you have a sudden urge to take a swim in the water.

9-Accessible shore: The shore is such that you can easily find a parking place on the beach or sometimes even inside it. Other than that, you can camp anywhere other than the places which are restricted.

10-Visit it before it’s too late: The Government has taken initiative to build a mega project which will result in the place losing its natural beauty. Before the project turns the place into a concrete jungle you should visit it to gather the memories of your lifetime.

Source: Riyadh Explorers

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