10 Reasons to buy Honda Pilot 2018 in Saudi Arabia

SUVs are a symbol of power and luxury and they are pretty much loved by the people of Saudi Arabia. Although high-end luxury SUVs have dominated the Saudi Arabia market, Honda has come up with the Honda Pilot to give them a tough time.

The Honda Pilot  is an exquisite car packed with amazing features and here are 10 reasons why you should buy the Honda Pilot

1-Elegant design and exterior: SUVs are usually big and bulky with a lot of unwanted features on them which just make them look extra. This is not the case with the Honda Pilot, as it looks much more elegant and sharper than other SUVs.

The car is equipped with LED headlights, a panoramic sunroof, and 20-inch alloy wheels in the top grade which adds to the elegance of the powerful SUV.

2-Comfort: SUVs are not really known for being comfortable but Honda has always strived for quality and comfort above all other things. The Honda Pilot is no exception to this rule. The second row is equipped with captain’s chairs which are exceptionally comfortable.

Moreover, the front seats are ventilated and the car offers an automatic tri-zone climate control which makes sure that the third-row passengers aren’t left out.

3-Powerful and Fuel Efficient:  Equipped with a 3.5 L i-VTEC V6 Engine, the car generates 280 hp at 6000 rpm and torque of 355 at 4700 rpm. This accounts for quick, responsive acceleration and ultra-smooth power delivery at any type of road.

Moreover, the award-winning engine is highly fueled efficient with a fuel consumption of 11.4 km/L which is very impressive for an SUV.

4-Smooth ride: The suspension of the Honda Pilot handles the rough roads pretty well and performs even better when the AWD is equipped. The SUV provides a phenomenal smooth drive with a tremendous grip that will make you fall in love with it.

Even on a slippery surface, the AWD makes it easy for the car to stick to the road and make you feel in control all the time.

5-Off-road performance: The Honda Pilot was already very famous for its on-road drive but now the off-road experience has just been taken to the next level with the Intelligent Traction Management.

The four-wheel drive progressively distributes the torque between the front and rear axles and also between the left and right rear wheels. This provides an amazing off-road experience with confidence and control. It has 4 modes to choose from for different terrain namely Normal, Sand, Mud, and Snow.

6-Advanced features: The car is equipped with many advanced features that enhance the driving experience. These features include the Hill start assist (HSA), Antilock Brake System(ABS) with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Honda LaneWatch in the top grade

The HSA  stops the Honda Pilot from rolling back, as you start driving. The brakes are applied as you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

The VSA prevents the car from overturning or spinning out of control when a sudden steering input is applied whereas Honda Lanewatch helps to see the cars in the blind spot through a camera located in the passenger-side door mirror.

7-Plenty of space: The Honda Pilot may look compact but it has plenty of space inside and the 2018 Honda Pilot has an elongated wheelbase which means more legroom than before.

Even in the second and third row, there is plenty of space even for tall people to fit in easily. As for the cargo, the third-row seats can be folded to get 55.9 cubic feet of cargo space. Moreover, the second-row seats can also be folded to increase the space to 109 cubic feet.

8-Trendy Interior and good quality infotainment: The interior is pretty trendy and friendly. The trim adds a nice touch and nothing has been over-done. The seats are well padded for comfort and there are many small storage compartments for keeping stuff including one for keeping a plus-sized smartphone.

When it comes to infotainment, there is plenty onboard. The 8.0-inch Display Audio unit is responsive and has clear graphics. It is equipped with the advanced features such as Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

A treat for the rear passengers is the Rear Entertainment system in the top grade which is a 9-inch LCD display that flips down from the ceiling which is pretty impressive and easy to view.

9-Smart Safety: The Advanced Compatibility Engineering(ACETM) structure of the car helps to protect the occupants by dissipating the energy through the ACE frame structures

These are designed to collapse and absorb the impact evenly, so minimizing the damage to the interior space, with 6 airbags and ACE body structure, you can rest assured that your loved ones are safe

10-Great Ground Clearance: The Honda Pilot 2018 has 185mm of ground clearance which means that it can handle almost any type of surface. Especially with the AWD equipped, the vehicle can be good at off-roading and the driver is sure that it is difficult to bottom out this vehicle which keeps him at ease.

Source: Honda Mid East

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