10 Reasons to buy Honda Civic 2021 in Saudi Arabia

Competition among the new generation of cars has become intense and in the current market. Thus, no car can make its place without offering attractive & striking features. The Honda Civic is no exception to class, power, and comfort comprising of the latest technology. Here are 10 reasons to buy the Honda Civic.

1-Powerful and fuel-efficient engines: Honda offers 2.0L engine that generates 187N-m torque at 4200 RPM and 158 horsepower at 6500 RPM. The DX, LX, and LX Sports variant is equipped with 1.6L engine offering 151N-m torque at 4300RPM & 123 hp at 6500 RPM.

2-RS: The RS is the most impressive and powerful trim of the Honda Civic ever sold. It’s equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged engine generating 180 hp at 6500 RPM. Apart from being powerful, the engine is highly fuel-efficient with a 20 km/L mileage.

This version has turned many heads with its impressive outcome of engine performance & quality. It also has a sportier look than the standard Honda Civic adding to its exquisiteness.

3-Spacious and comfortable: The elongated wheelbase and the widened body frame provides more space than the previous models of the Honda Civic.

This provides better legroom to the passenger & driver, and the well-padded seats also account for the comfortable drive. The elongated wheelbase also offers more cargo space, which can be further enhanced by folding the rear seats.

4-Sleek and sporty design: The Honda Civic has an incredibly sleek design giving it an attractive look but apart from being sleek, it has a very sporty look. By the way, do you know which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

The sedan is not only a family car but also a vehicle that attracts many people with different tastes. Its design also provides better grip with bigger wheels & stability, which is a big plus point for any car.

5-Honda LaneWatch: As soon as you switch on a right indicator, a 7-inch screen shows the live video from a camera mounted on the passenger door mirror of the vehicle. It shows around 4 times more area than the side view mirror and reduces the blind spot to almost nil.

6-Precise and Responsive handling: The Honda Civic has the most advanced chassis and suspension with MacPherson struts in front & multi-link suspension in the rear, front and rear stabilizer bars and fluid-filled front suspension. Due to which, the drive is exceptionally comfortable & reliable along with responsive and precise handling.

7-Safety: The body structure is designed in such a way that it distributes the energy evenly. As a result, it protects the driver & passengers in case of a collision and also protects the area of the car from being crippled. Undoubtedly, it’s an appreciable feature.

8-Hassle free controls: The controls in the new Honda Civic are amazingly easy-to-use. The driver does not need to put in a lot of effort to find the controls which are intuitive to use

All the controls are right in front of the driver and are very easily accessible. The buttons on the steering allow the driver to access multiple features without taking his hands off the wheel & eyes off the road.

9-Transmission: The continuous variable transmission (CVT) technology introduced in Honda Civic 2021 allows quick, responsive acceleration and smooth low-RPM cruising. It’s indeed one of the most advanced transmissions available in high-end cars.

10-Paddle Shifters: Serves as a treat for the Honda Civic fans as they now have paddle shifters on some grades, so that you can drive the Honda Civic just like an F1 car, with 7 speed, shift up or down at a flick of a button

Source: Honda Middle East

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