10 reasons to build career in Project Management in KSA

Project Management has become an integral part of every industry and so have the project managers. Today, irrespective of the industry you are working in, project management will find its application. 

Organizations today are facing fierce competition and combating global challenges, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia. They must know who to respond to issues without any delay. For this, organizations need a structured approach for planning, organizing, controlling, and managing their resources. This is very important for delivering timely results. Also, these results should be aligned to the needs of today and the goals of the business. It is the responsibility of a project manager to use their project skills for taking on these projects. These projects can be of different scales and complexities.

If you are a project manager or want to start a career in the field in Saudi Arabia, now is the time. Companies are looking to hire certified professionals in the field and are willing to pay them well.

Why is Project Management important?

In the past few decades, there has been a rapid growth in globalization. Organizations today are affected by a number of factors including changes in technology, global competition, internal and external changes in the environment, customized requirements of services and products, expectations of more educated users and customers, etc. If the organization is not able to respond well to these changes, it will be facing a serious risk, even its existence might be in jeopardy. So, it is very important to analyze these risks and manage them well for easing these changes.

As a project manager, it will be your responsibility to lead small or large projects. You will be identifying, assessing, and managing risks while working on the project. Proficiency to deploy the required changes is a must for a project manager. You must also involve stakeholders to facilitate the necessary changes. A project manager is a professional who adds value to the company. With a skilled project manager by their side, a company can combat upfront risks and prepare themselves for sustenance.

Why should you build a career as a Project Manager?

  1. Future prospects and demand – Project Managers are high in demand. Thanks to the emergence of PM-oriented jobs, companies are in need of skilled PM professionals. So, if you choose to build a career in project management, you will have a multitude of career opportunities.
  2. Salary – Thanks to their high demand, PM professionals are able to draw attractive compensations. Another reason for this is their ability to take on challenges during complicated scenarios. 
  3. Orienting People – If you consider yourself to be a people person and know how to manage them, the job of a project manager suits you well. As a Project Manager, you will manage stakeholders and earn their buy for carrying out the projects.
  4. Travel around the world – The field of project management is not bound to any one industry. So, it is a great job opportunity for people who like to travel internationally. You will have the option to travel all around the world by taking leads in several projects.
  5. Flexibility – Project Managers are supposed to work on a project extensively. They are responsible to get flexibility in the organization. Through virtual interference, employees will be able to join remote places. Therefore, you will be able to maintain a work-life balance.
  6. Varied sectors – The project management job is not bound to any particular sector of the industry. This gives you the privilege of working in different industries and environments. There might be some specialized requirements for fields like IT or construction. But rest assured, a project manager can work in different industries. You also will have the exposure to work in different scenarios.
  7. Risk management – One of the responsibilities of a project manager is risk management. They help companies identify potential risks while working on a new project. They oversee the possibilities of all the risk occurrences. Using your skills as a project manager, you can combat these risks in advance.
  8. Get trained for a management position – As a Project Manager, your responsibility will be similar to that of a CEO. Both of them manage people, focus on financial outcomes, and set the direction towards the aims of the business and communicate the expectations of the team.
  9. Work as a Change Agent – One of the many roles of a project manager is that of a change agent. You will be responsible for deploying the required changes after successfully completing the project. This is a very important factor in making a project successful. This profile is perfect for professionals who can manage the changes and take on new challenges.
  10. Opportunity to learn – The role of a Project Manager provides the opportunity of learning something new every day. They retain their knowledge and exchange it with the employees and organization for ascertaining continuous success. They are responsible for capturing and managing knowledge that can drive projects to success. This is why a project manager is an invaluable asset to the company. 

Saudi Arabia is stepping up the game of project management by creating their new NPMO or National Project Management Organization. Also called ‘Mashroat’, it helps the government in creating project management offices. This leads to a reduction in inefficiencies and managing large-scale projects. This is also an integral part of the country’s 2030 vision plan to diversify the country’s economy away from the oil industry. With such government initiatives, the field of project management is only going to be high in demand.

In a nutshell, the job of a project manager is high in demand and has a bright future. This is only going to increase in the future. So, you should definitely go for courses like PMP certification. If you are looking for a job that offers handsome packages, want to travel around the world, want to have a good lifestyle, and aspire to take on top management positions, this is the field for you. This is the role that includes learning new things every day and dealing with new challenges. This is why the role of PMP is the best match for you and have a rewarding career. 

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.