10 Reasons I don’t want to fly in any other Airline after traveling in Emirates Airlines

Emirates is a Dubai based airline. It is actually owned by the government of Dubai. The Middle Eastern airline has gained fame around the world. The airline has been able to top the worldwide airlines rating charts consistently.

It has now even gained hype in US market over past few years.  Emirates is providing quality services to its consumers. It has been able to grab consumers worldwide because of its distinguished and unique service provisions.

One, who tries Emirates once, mostly rejects traveling in any other domestic airline.  Here are those reasons that make Emirates a consumer favorite airline.

1-An Emirates airline provides all passengers with a newspaper or a magazine irrespective of which class they are traveling! Before getting on board one can grab a magazine or newspaper and enjoy the flight.

2-Fresh Mimosas for Business class travelers is available during flight.

3-Emirates might be the only airline where flowers are hung in the bathrooms. The business class looks like a luxury room with spacious and reclining seats, enlarged TV screens and reading lamps.

Even the economy class seats are quite comfortable. In the new A380 planes two decks are available and the economy class’ seats are spacious. One can have a comfortable flight even in economy class!

4-Every passenger is provided with a pillow and blanket. And guess what they are nicely packed in a sheet. Hot towels are given to all the passengers before takeoff: yes, even to the economy class passengers.

5-Multipurpose stickers are provided to the passengers. The passengers can stick them on the back of the seat so that the attendant knows what the passenger wants. The sticker has three labels:

  • Not to disturb in case of sleeping
  • Attendant to wake up the passenger for food
  • Attendant to wake up the attendant for shopping

6-All passengers are provided with a printed menu and that too in both English and Arabic languages, believe me no airline provides such services to their economy class passengers!

7-The Emirates airline food is amazing. They serve it hot. The flavorful food is served decently. Unlike other airlines, Emirates uses metal utensils. Most airlines use plastic utensils.  Shortly before landing, all passengers are given a snack.

8-The Emirates’ entertainment system, Ice, is the most amazing system. According to Skytrax, which is an airline review site, Emirates has the best in-flight entertainment system!

One can choose a movie to watch and not a just ordinary movie, Oscar won movies are available. There are hundreds of movies available to be watched!

A charger which is compatible with all types of plugs is available! All passengers are given separate headphones.

9-A program has been installed which allows one to call another seat passenger. This is truly amazing! The Ice is also equipped with cameras that give a live view.

Yes, cameras have been fit in front of the plane and at its underbelly. One can have a live view outside!

10-The drink cart has amazing drinks to be served and flight attendants do not mind giving you a refill! However, the economy class passengers do have to pay for their champagne.

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