10 pieces of advice by a Hakeem on the wedding night

A Hakeem (wise) man gave the following 10 pieces of advice to his son on his wedding night.

1-Be expressive: Tell your wife how much you love her and what she means to you.  If you won’t express yourself out, this will definitely raise walls between you and your wife. Women love being loved!

2-Give your wife the attention she requires: For instance, if she is looking good, you can praise her. If you won’t be noticing her, she will be less affectionate towards you.

3-Women never like the men who are strict and harsh: Be gentle and polite to her. If you will make her your friend, she will love you the most.

4-Would you like your wife to be dirty, smelly, ill-dressed and screaming all the time? No? Well, a wife also doesn’t want her husband in those conditions either.

5-A man needs to understand that the house is being run by a woman; she is the one who manages everything. Let her take the authority. Let her manage the house; do not interfere when not necessary. She rules it and she rules it better!

6-Your wife loves you the most, but she loves her family as well. Never ask to her to choose between you and her family. Won’t you hate your wife if she asks you to choose between her and your family?

7-A woman is a creature whom when loved will love even more. But if you try to break her, she’ll break up everything. You’ll lose her once and for all.

8-If your wife has some bad quality that you don’t like, just ignore it. She must be having good qualities as well. 

9-When a woman goes through a biological monthly phenomenon, she gets weak and moody. Give her a break during those days. If Allah can pardon her from worship during those days, why can’t you pardon her for her moods, tantrums, and temper during those days?

10-Your wife is your responsibility, a wife in a way is in your possession, show respect and mercy towards her as you would be answerable for it.

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