10 Personal Characteristics You Never Knew You Inherited from Your Parents

You might have eyes like your mother and physique like your father. These attributes are incredible when you consider it that every physical appearance we have, inherited from our parents, from copies of their RNA.

Apart from this, there are some other things we have in our genes from our ancestors. From latest research, we have learned some amazing aspects of our genetics. Here are ten personal features you receive from your parents.[irp]

1-Inherited High Cholesterol stages: For some people, high cholesterol is because of saturated fatty food and animal products. It is necessary to eat healthy food such as vegetables and fruits with the good exercise to live a long and blissful life— almost everyone thinks like that. But for others, high cholesterol is something that already runs in the family and is hereditary or genetic.

It does not depend on our routine life but on our genes. Approximately 1 in every 500 persons has a specific genetic change. This hereditary change leads to a tendency to increase of cholesterol in their blood cells. These people will be at high levels of this element even if they only eat vegetables.

2-Hair loss in men inherited from the mother: One of the genetic factors that play a role in bald-headedness is found on the X chromosome. Male’s shape of baldness comes from their moms. But don’t be too judgmental to blame your mother for your hair loss.

There are other genes that would be responsible for your thinning hairline, including ones genetic from the father. Likewise, environmental factors have also an effect your hair.

3.Academic achievements: When a mother yells at her child for getting a low grade at school, and she tries to show that she did much better in her academic work, logically she really has a point. Educational success is 55% relying on your chromosomal inheritance.

Thousands of genetic factor are directly responsible for how good you will be in school academics. So if your parents demonstrated outstanding abilities during their school days, you would be great in studies too.

4-Love of Coffee: If you drink a lot of coffee, your genes are entirely responsible for it. A comparative study on different people, the one who are mad about coffee and can’t even live without it and those who would not bother about it, proved that the second group of people had a specific set of genes.

The study proved that they absorbed the caffeine very slowly. It showed that they didn’t need to drink it to boost their energy and not even feel a craving to drink it daily.

5-MODY: Usually, diabetes develops among people in old age. But sometimes it appears in children and teenagers having an active lifestyle. This is known as MODY (maturity-onset diabetes of the young) caused by a genetic mutation which disturbing insulin production in the body.  Apart from that a poor or bad diet can also play a role.

6-Color blindness through your genes: Some people could not recognize some colors. They are unable to differentiate. This lack of ability to identify certain colors is called color blindness. It is something which a person inherits from his mother. Mostly men suffered from color blindness as son inherited this gene from their moms which produce such disability.

7-Poor digestion of dairy products: It is quite surprising that almost 65% person who are adults, cannot digest glycogen, or milk sugar easily. One particular genetic factor is the reason for this. In the early age of a child, he needs milk to survive.

In the process to digest the lactose, the body creates a substance called enzyme. As that person grows up, Lactose intolerance increases and their ability to absorb dairy products drops. Only a group of people have this gene for lactose tolerance.

8-Bad Driving Is Genetic: New research suggests that individuals born with a certain variant of a gene have not the inborn ability to drive a car. You can get all the knowledge about the rules of the road and even pass your driving test, but if you have the so-called bad driving gene that limits the availability of the sharpness of memory, then driving a car is not going to be a good idea.

You’re most probably cannot focus while driving and are consequently the greater risk of being in an accident. Scientists believe these inheritable factors are in approximately 30% of the population.

9-Shortsightedness: The possibility that a person will or has the inability to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to the eyes is inherited. If both parents are having the same problem of short-sightedness, then the possibility of developing or tendency of short-sightedness in the child is about 50%.

Though, according to the scientists that we can’t blame genes for everything, those who do not spend more time on the laptop and avoid damaging their eyesight are far less suffered from shortsightedness.

10-Popularity: It might sound unbelievable, but the key to a person’s fame is hidden in their genes. After careful analysis of many years Harvard scientists reached this conclusion that at the beginning of humanity’s existence, persons who possessed authentic information about food sources or danger were given the spotlight in social groups.

Those who inherited these genes are the ones who are popular with their friends and family. Those people are the ones with whom everyone wants to be friends with.

Source: Bright Inside


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