10 Natural Foods to boost Vitamin E level in your Body

Vitamin E is a very important Anti-Oxidant in our body which counteracts the effects of harmful substances and detoxifies. It prevents the formation of free radicals which results in aging and other chronic illnesses.

Some researchers suggest its importance in diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s but nothing is proven yet. In order to have an abundant supply of this anti-oxidant, one needs to modify their diet accordingly instead of consuming extra supplements. Following are few foods having Vitamin E in abundance:

1-Spinach: Green leafy vegetables like spinach might not be your favorite vegetable but adding it to your diet would benefit you to a great extent! It is high in folate and has a rich supply of calcium as well.

One cup of boiled spinach is the best source of Vitamin E and fulfills 20% of your daily need. Add fresh spinach in your sub for a healthy meal.

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2-Avocado: This one is a creamy, oil-rich fruit which not only tastes amazing but has a number of benefits. Adding a slice of it in your salad or sandwich would do the job. Half of an avocado contains approx 2mg of Vit E.

3-Hazelnut: This is a perfect Vitamin E rich snack which can fulfill 20% of your daily Vitamin E requirement. Hazelnut milk is also a good option.

4-Plant oils: Sunflower Oil is an excellent option and can be incorporated in cooking. Wheat germ oil is one of the best oils rich in Vitamin E.

Only a teaspoon is enough to fulfill 100% of your daily Vitamin E requirements. Other oil includes cottonseed oil, coconut oil, safflower oil and olive oil. Try to get these oils in their organic form.

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5-Olives: A cup of olives is enough to meet 20% of your daily Vitamin E need. Just munch on them as a snack to benefit.

6-Parsley: Sprinkling fresh parsley on your sandwiches or salads would give a boost to your Vitamin E levels.

7-Papaya: Papaya is usually famous for its Vitamin C supply but it also has Vitamin E in abundance. One papaya can fulfill 17% of your daily requirement. Make fresh fruit smoothies out of it and enjoy!

8-Almonds: An ounce of almonds makes up to almost 7mg of Vitamin E. It is a great source of Vitamin E not only in its raw form but also as almond milk or almond oil.

9-Turnip greens: This green leafy vegetable is slightly bitter but has not only Vitamin E but also vitamin A, C, K, and folate. It is very high in a number of essential nutrients.

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10-Raw seeds: Raw seeds of sesame, pumpkin or sunflower are among the richest sources of vitamin E.

11-Pine nuts: Add pine nuts to your meal and you have a good amount of Vitamin E for the day. Even the oil would benefit you to the same extent.

12-Broccoli: It is not only rich in Vitamin E but it is also the best detox food. It is one of the healthiest vegetables which need to be incorporated into your diet!

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