10 Nationalities Monopolize Labor Market in Saudi Arabia

It has been reported that around 26 nationalities of expatriates in the Kingdom are in control or majority in around 90 professions from various fields.

Saudis: In accordance to the survey, the Saudis are in majority in the professions of teaching and the circles of memorization of the Holy Qur’an. Saudis are also employed as Muezzins, Imams of Mosques, drivers of public buses, heavy trucks and school buses, car auction dealers, security guards, and officials at the commercial banks.

If you talk about office jobs, you will find most of the Saudis working in HR and Admin departments of companies. 

Pakistanis: Most of the Pakistanis are involved in the Construction related Labor Profession, Domestic Driving, and Taxi Driving. If you talk about office jobs, they dominate Accounting, Finance, and Auditing Department. Many doctors working in Saudi Arabia are also from Pakistan

Indians: The Indian expats make up the majority of the pharmacists operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You will find nurses, hospital staff from India as well. If you talk about office jobs, they dominate the IT sector.

You will find many Indian IT consultants in Saudi Arabia. Most of the people working on Petrol Pumps and small Grocery Stores are also from India.

Yemenis: The survey stated that the Yemeni expats are in total control of the shisha and tobacco market and also restaurants which sell rice cooked with chicken or meat. Yemenis are also in majority working as the cooks in the popular restaurants which specialize in the fried and grilled liver which is a Saudi preference to take for breakfast to their homes.

Philippines: I don’t think you can find any hospital without Filipino nurses. Filipino nurses dominate this particular profession. Moreover, most of the domestic workers or more specifically housemaids are from the Philippines.

Egyptians: Egyptians don’t dominate few professions but they have their representation in almost every profession in Saudi Arabia. They are good, hardworking and the biggest advantage for them is their language.

Ethiopia and Indonesia: Expatriates from around 10 nationalities which include Ethiopia and Indonesia make up the majority of workers in beauty salons in the Kingdom.

Turkmenistan: It has also been stated that the Bukhari rice restaurants which are highly preferred by the Saudi population are run mainly by the Turkmenistan expats.

The survey stated that the expatriates from around 9 different nationalities control around 70 percent of the employment in the private sector jobs. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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