10 Myths which movies have made us believe, are far away from reality

The history of movies started in the 18th century. It began in the 1890s when motion picture cameras were discovered and film production companies officially started producing movies. However, due to the limits of the technology, movies were produced hardly a minute long and till 1927 motion pictures were producing movies without any sound.

Since then, with the passage of time, film production became an entertainment industry which spread worldwide. Movies then were made long which contained several minutes and consisted of various shots. Then in the 19th century, movie makers took effective steps and introduced basic editing techniques.[irp]

Later on, new techniques and editing groomed more. Now, movies are made in high-quality digital 3D (Three-dimensional) and 4D (Four-dimensional) format.  Sometimes, movies provide us with useful information and make us virtuous.

But some myths in movies mislead us a lot and many myths created in movies makes us believe. Therefore, some myths surrounded movies are made in such a strong manner which makes it hard for us to separate actual facts. However, here we decided to sort out and mention some important real facts related to the myths shown in movies

Movie Myth #1: There is a myth that stopped heart should be restarted with shocks provided by the defibrillator whereas truth is that if once heart stops functioning, it cannot be started by a defibrillator.

Movie Myth #2: It is dramatized that Chloroform very quickly knocks out the person whereas the fact is that it would take at least 5 minutes to work.

Movie Myth #3: The police officer can easily trace a phone call within 60 seconds whereas truth is that tracing any phone number should take about 60 minutes.

Movie Myth #4: If we want to report a missing person, we should wait 24 hours whereas in reality, if we have verified the news, we can report at once.

Movie Myth #5: Shooting with two guns sounds pretty cool but in actual life, it is very hard. 

Movie Myth #6: An asteroid belt holds much density and crowd whereas in reality; the reason is that it has many miles of vacuum.

Movie Myth #7: The pin of grenade can be easily pulled out by just one’s own teeth whereas the person in real won’t be able to hold teeth afterward.

Movie Myth #8: Gun Silencers makes every gun completely silent whereas silencer gun can only dampen the noise 

Movie Myth #9: We can talk freely to another person during skydiving whereas, in reality, it is not possible.

Movie Myth #10: Forensic process sorts out the problems of crimes whereas the Forensic process just provides assistance for collecting evidence.

Life is not like doom and gloom and has a happy ending always. The fact is that if we want movies to be like real then script writers should inject a healthy dose of reality into them but the main problem is we all want to see movies which are actually pretty far away from reality or may offer us aspects of reality in easiest mode. We all just need to remember that real life is pretty different from movies.

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