10 Most Irritating Habits of Husbands living in Saudi Arabia

The biggest misery of a woman’s life is when her husband changes overnight into a most pathetic man ever on this planet owing to his filthy habits and behavior.

Girls imagine a partner who will be the most sophisticated person on this planet and is really caring regarding his hygiene but the reality is totally opposite.

There are several habits which are common among all husbands, and wives have to digest them at the end of the day.

01-Selective and meaningless hearing: Every husband picks up the words of his own interest from your whole conversation. It is useless to make them concentrate on what you want them to listen or understand.

By joining the string of selectively heard words, the meaning eventually they will generate from your conversation will be totally different than what you communicated.

02-Pathetic Hygiene: No matter how much sophisticated or hygiene conscious you are; your husband will change all your concepts regarding personal hygiene.

03-Crazy toilet habits: After husbands use toilets, it is neighed impossible to use them unless a complete round of cleanliness has to be made possible. It feels washroom is a playground cum dustbin for husbands who can play and throw any kind of stuff inside.

04-Messy room: They don’t feel awkward while throwing clothes here and there including wet towels and stinging socks.

If you have lost an elephant in your room which you share with your partner, you will not be able to find the one as the mess in your room will already be enough to hide anything inside.

05-Worst hair falls: Hair fall is very common among men, they don’t mind shedding their hairs here and there in order to tell others that they are growing kids and their hairs are under transformation like milk teeth.

06-Mom is the best: It is useless how much wives strive to prove their husbands that they matter to them or they can take care of them more than their mothers. In front of their wives, their moms are the best creature ever on this planet.

They don’t even consider that their mothers can give their wives tough time. So it is useless to make them feel that you are facing some serious issues from the side of your husband’s mother.

07-Absentmindedness: Husbands are the most absent-minded creatures ever on this planet. They would never do anything unless and until you will remind them to do it for hundreds of times a day.

08-Perfectly Unorganized: They are the most perfectly unorganized creatures who can do anything with broken efforts and shattered outcomes.

09-Cursed snoring: Snoring and husbands are totally interlinked to each other. Drilling machine sounds better than a husband’s snoring voice.

10-Thankless creatures: They will never thank God for the most precious gift given to them by Allah that is you. You should not waste your time making them realize that they have got the best partner on this planet.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.