10 Mobile Phone accessories under SR 50 which everyone should buy

Here we are writing about things you’ll like. The world of Mobile Phone accessories is massive, and it has the variety of accessories which are simple and also the expensive ones. All the utility products in the list mentioned below costs under 50 Saudi Riyal to help you to keep yourself entertained.

1-A car mounts: If you drive, keeping your eyes on the road instead of your phone will keep everybody safer that is why it is recommended to use a car mount. Car mounts available online consume very little space and it is also used by the Uber drivers.

It holds your phone in place by using magnets, so you can drive without worrying about your phone fall down. It is said to be a safer solution in every way rather than keeping your phone in some sort of a cup holder. You can check a huge variety of car mounts available online.

2A phone case: People usually don’t put a Mobile Phone case on because it makes Mobile Phone heavier, but that is not an issue with these case.  Heftier cases will provide more support, but if you want a simple case to protect your Mobile Phone from scratching and as a safety if it may fall, then this would be a good option. Mobile Phone cases are also available online at very reasonable prices.

3-A Power Bank: I have strongly supported this idea before for good reason. The reasons for having an external battery pack are that these batteries are low-priced can easily be carried in a pocket or purse, and will charge the battery of your phone in case of emergency. A portable inexpensive power bank available online within SR 50.

4-A pair of Bluetooth earbuds: I love a good pair of headphones, but it is more convenient if you wear a pair of earbuds while traveling or going on a trip. Earbuds are usually less expensive than headphones. There are many options available online to buy these earbuds.

5-A screen protector: Scratched screen always looks worse. Usually, these scratches are because of keys in your pocket or a drop of a Mobile Phone. A screen protector available at a low price can provide protection to your Mobile Phone screen equals to three times the hardness of plastic.

6-A Better Lightning cable: You might charge your Mobile Phone daily, so you’ll want to have a couple of extra lightning cables around in case emergency. You can find a variety of charging cables online at a very reasonable price.

7-A dock: You don’t realize you need a Mobile Phone dock until you have one. Stick it on a table to have a place to put your phone. Once it becomes routine, you will be used to it so much that you can’t even think about your Mobile Phone without a dock.

Apart from that, it’s really nice to have your phone in a standing position on your desk so you can have quick look at it if you get any notification. In short, it is also worth your time. Different styles of mobile phone docks are available online.

8-An armband: Exercising is a hard thing to do and it’s quite tougher if you don’t find a way to keep yourself entertained.  Using an armband while running is far more entertaining and it also makes your running experience better and easier.

9-Portable Speaker: Though this has become sort of a staple whenever one is traveling, for the newlywed couple, they might want to enjoy some music in their hotel room or while they are having a picnic in some lush green garden or golden beach. It is vital to set the mood so don’t forget to buy portable speakers.

10-Camera Lens: Although most smartphones have excellent cameras that can get the job done. If you don’t want to spend on a separate camera, you can always buy a camera lens which will fit on your mobile phone camera in the range of $20. Yes, it is cheap and gives amazing results.

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