10 Kinds of people we can find in almost every WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp has become the biggest messaging application across the world. It helps you to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. WhatsApp tools are very easy to use and it transfers all your contacts automatically from the phone and let you know that how many of your friends are connected to WhatsApp. It’s free of cost. Apart from sending individual messages, it provides a way to converse with up to 100 people at the same time, no matter where the person lives.  There is some type of WhatsApp group members that everyone has experienced.[irp]

1-THE SPAMMER: There is always a person that sends everything he receives without realizing the fact that other people might find it annoying. The spammer replies to each and every comment, news, posts whether he knows about it or not, this is why a mute button was configured for a WhatsApp group chat.

2-SILENT USER: Another person you must have experienced is a silent user who never partakes, no matter what. He’s lurking in the background and reading the posts without contributing. If you don’t want to be in, make an excuse and leave.

3-CREEPY USERS: Some users don’t bother to share the same post that another user has already sent. They should realize that all the images are saved to the camera roll unless you know the settings and phone memory is flooded with stupid pictures.

4-FUSSY PEOPLE:  Fights have always been a part of the team, some fussy people start debating over group names, criticizing over little things. This is the peak of immaturity.

5-THE COMEDIAN: Life is amazing when you laugh your pants off. There’s one friend in the group that sends funny videos and burst you into laughter. He strikes a balance in the group.

6-THE PLANNER: He plans on where to go next. He is the most active member who always makes ideas and adds spice to the group. He plays a major role as he knows that friendship can’t be made by online encounters alone, you always have to meet physically in order to make the bond stronger.

7-THE FAST TEXTER: A friend who sends irrelevant stuff he doesn’t wish to send then gets embarrassed later on. Don’t be a fast texter and keep your eyes peeled to ensure what you send and who to send just to prevent yourself from embarrassment.

8-THE ANNOYING ONE:  The one that keeps on sending voice notes mistakenly and disturbing the rest of the group members and apologizing later.[irp]

9-THE QUIET OBSERVER: The person who shares spicy, juicy and scandalous news to the group and you have no idea from where does he gathers the latest information but the silent group turns into a talkative group through his single message.

10-THE THERAPIST: The one who is willing to apply his expertise on what people should do with their lives. He always interferes and considers himself a therapist. But at times, he has to be quiet and keeps his opinion up to him.

Source: Destination KSA

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