10 items you must have in your car while living in Saudi Arabia

The people in Saudi Arabia are passionate about cars. Modifying cars is pretty common here in the country and what would be better than to find a variety of stuff with reasonable prices all stacked up in one place?

This is probably the dream place for car enthusiasts who like to keep their cars up to date with modern gadgets. Here we presenting 10 items you must have in your car while living in Saudi Arabia.

1-Multimedia system:  There are many multimedia systems available in different sizes and have different features including the Android system. Simple and affordable. The Android unit is just like a whole tablet installed into your car. You can save stuff on it or use maps.

You can add reminders to it or play videos. Connect to a hotspot and watch videos online or save them in the unit’s own memory. Plug in a USB or connect your phone to it. It’s all possible with the Android multimedia system!

The other systems come at a lower price range and also consist of similar features such as Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Make sure you buy it from a reliable website.

2-Rear view camera: If your car isn’t equipped with a rearview camera from the company then you surely need this! This makes the life of a driver a million times easier. Every person needs to park their car or get it out of difficult spots while reversing.

The rear view camera not only shows the whole picture behind the car but also increases the precision with the help of guidelines. Some are also equipped with parking kits for more easiness and safety.

3-Head up display: The 3 in 1 package LCD digital thermometer, clock and calendar is a deal to sweep you off your feet. The stylish display which is attached to the dash looks elegant and classy.

Clocks have always been a style statement in cars and this stylish 3 in 1 package is totally worth considering. The calendar feature is replaced with different ones in other packages. Many different displays come with fuel consumption and maps.

4-Bluetooth transmitter: Tired of the hassle of auxiliary cables? Well, this is the answer to all the problems. Auxiliary cables are a mess and they are not durable. Bluetooth transmitter connects your phone to your stereo player.

It features high-quality sound. Just plug in the device to the 3.5mm audio jack of your player and connect your phone’s Bluetooth with it. The smart looking device gives a tidy look to the interior of the car.

5-Bluetooth hands-free device: A must-have device for people who get a lot of calls and are always busy on the phone. It so happens that a person might forget their headphones while going to work but this device will always be available in the car.

Simply plug it into the 12 V socket of your car and connect it to your cell phone via Bluetooth. It comes equipped with a call end and receives button. Enjoy the ride!

6-Car chargers: Who doesn’t want one of these? Or rather who doesn’t need one of these? A wide variety is available with the option of connecting with the 12V socket of the car or a separate fitting.

The car charger has multiple sockets. It is definitely a useful device for all the people who have to drive to work every day and are too busy to charge their phones. Save your phone from running low on battery!

7-Coolers and refrigerators: The idea of these things in high-end cars certainly fascinates everyone but now you can get it for your very own car. A handy thing for going on a road trip.

No need to worry about things getting bad anymore. No need to grab ice buckets to keep things cool during a long road trip.

8-Car DVR: If you want to record your journey to some beautiful place or you just like traveling and want to save it all in your memories then just mount this camera on to the windscreen or attach it to the dash. The cameras come have different resolutions and styles.

9-Car Audio: People who enjoy loud, high-quality music need to equip their car with a pair of speakers and a good amplifier. If the music player in your car isn’t up to date, then you should probably do that too because you are missing out on a lot of features!

10-GPS tracking: Add a GPS tracking device to your car and prevent it from being robbed. Using this device, you can continuously monitor your car in case you park it somewhere far away or if it goes missing. Always a handy device to increase your vehicle’s security.

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