10 items you can gift to your friends on Christmas in Saudi Arabia

December comes with a smile and happiness for Christians all around the world, making them feel not only joyful but also bringing them a festive to cherish and holidays to relax.

Along with the occurrence of the New Year comes their religious festival, Christmas, marked as the birth date of Jesus, 25th of the December.

Everyone loves to gift a present to their close friend during the occasion. You can easily buy some gift online.

1-Christmas tree: For Christians, Christmas tree bears great importance. Without Christmas tree, Christmas remains incomplete for them. They love to buy and decorate long pine trees during Christmas and this is the part of their tradition.

If you want to gift something to your Christian friend so gift them a Christmas tree, they will love to have it. in many Muslims countries, it is very difficult to find a Christmas tree but now online shopping sites have made it quite easy for everyone to get it.

2-Christmas decorations: You can gift your Christian friend some Christmas decorations like Christmas flags, wall hangings and other decorations like fruit pendant hanging and stockings. This will not go useless.

As we all know Christian love to decorate the tree, and their house during this special occasion, so keeping this point in your mind you can also gift them some colorful ribbons. I am sure they will love it. You can get a variety of beautiful ribbons and other decoration easily from.

3-Santa red color velvet hat: This is a good idea to gift a red color Santa hat to the kids. For Kids Santa Clause is a figure of love and kindness, they are curious to see Santa and love to dress like that.

If you will gift a red color Santa’s hat to them, they will definitely love it and feel excited.  Moreover, there are varieties of other caps collection that will be loved by kids if you will gift them.

4-Christmas jewelry and hair bands: If you are thinking to gift something to your friend’s kids especially daughter on Christmas Eve so jewelry and hair bands are a good idea.

And if you find something related to Christmas then buy some Christmas jewelry, like Christmas cross pendants, Santa Claus earrings, brooches, toy glasses, and bell ear hairbands.

5-Tablecloth, Chair covers and party decorations: This is indeed a very good idea to gift someone for any occasion. Everybody loves to decorate and update their house during their religious occasion.

You can easily get some beautiful and lovely red hat chair back cover and your friend will love it if you will gift them Mr. and Mrs. Santa chair cover. Beside this, you can gift them some lovely table covers and party decorations during Christmas.

6-Cushion covers: Buy some beautiful Merry Christmas series and printed or theme patterned cushion covers to gift your friend.these are quite reasonable and a perfect gift to gift your friend.

7-Christmas Santa toilet seat: This is indeed a unique gift of this year to wish your friend Merry Christmas and happy new year in a new style. Buy this seat and gift them. You can easily get it from

8-Christmas dress: Woman love to buy new dresses for every function and want to wear something unique and different. You can gift your female friend with beautiful Christmas dresses.

9-Christmas wallpapers: Get some beautiful Christmas themed or floral wall sticker to gift your friends. It will help them to decorate their house.

10-Doormat:  Get a beautiful doormat with Merry Christmas written on it. it will look pretty and loved by everyone.

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