10 Indian expats died of COVID19 in Saudi Arabia

As of 19 April 2020, 97 people had died of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. Among the 97 fatalities, 10 were Indian expats who were working in Saudi Arabia.

Citywise breakup

Among the 10 deaths, nine were reported from the western region of the Kingdom.

  • 4 died in Madina.
  • 3 died in Makkah.
  • 2 died in Jeddah.
  • 1 died in Riaydh.

Here is a brief detail about the 10 Indians who died of coronavirus in the Kingdom. Among them, two were engineers in the Saudi Bin Laden group.

4 Died in Madina

4 Indians who died of coronavirus in Madina are;

  • Shebnaz Pala Kandiyil from Kerala
  • Suleman Sayyed
  • Tausif Balbale
  • Barkat Aliabdullatif Fakir from Maharashtra

2 died in Jeddah

2 Indians who died of coronavirus in Jeddah are;

  • Badre Alam from Uttar Pradesh
  • Mohammad Sadiq from Telangana.

1 died in Riyadh

  • Safwan Nadal (41) from Kerala was a taxi driver who died in Riyadh.

3 died in Makkah

3 Indians who died of coronavirus in Makkah are;

  • Azmat Ullah Kahna of Telangana
  • Mohammad Aslam Khan
  • Md Fakhre Alam from Uttar Pradesh

Mohammad Aslam Khan

Aslam Khan who was 51 years old was the residence of Meerut city from the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He resides in the Kingdom with his family and worked as an electrical Engineer at the Haram Project.

Khan and his family had been living in Makkah since 2005 and shifted to Jeddah a few months ago. His family is still in Jeddah. Khan’s wife Gulistan Aslam is a teacher at Indian International School in Jeddah, a daughter Tamanna is a student of Grade 11 and a son Hamdi is in grade 8 in the international Indian school.

Khan got infected with the virus and on 3rd April his condition went worse and was admitted to King Faisal Hospital Makkah. He developed a severe fever and throat pain. He was on a ventilator for the last two weeks.

On March 21, he visited his family for the last time and on returning to Makkah he felt his bad health and decided to stay in Makkah, where he breathed his last on Saturday night. His family is now in self-imposed home quarantine and is unable to bid adieu to their beloved breadwinner. They received condolence from their school staff and students.

Azmat Ullah Kahna of Telangana

The second Indian engineer who died of coronavirus in the Kingdom is Azmatullah Khan from Telangana. Azmatullah Khan was 61 and has been working with the Saudi Binladen group as an engineer in Makkah Haram Power station.

Azmatiullah breathed his last on Friday and was buried on Sunday after his family permitted Mujeeb authorization to perform his final ritual. Azmatullah Khan had no family member in Makkah thus Mujeeb Pukkotoor, a prominent Indian special worker and general secretary of Makkah buried Aslam Khan in Makkah Sharaie Cemetery.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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