10 Foods to boost Vitamin D level in your body Naturally

Vitamin D is very important for one’s body. Especially in women, crossing their thirties, it’s very common to have Vitamin D deficiency. It improves the immune system, gives strength to your bones and results in healthy muscle mass. Vitamin D deficiency can be a result of your altered lifestyle, your eating habits, your body’s absorption power and exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D is not only important for bones but some other vitamin’s absorption also depends on it. So if it goes deficient, it is going to affect other nutrients and vitamins in your body too like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and zinc. A research explains that consuming Vitamin D can keep you away from some types of cancers.

1-Milk: Milk and most of the Dairy products contain vitamin D which also includes cow’s milk. Products like yogurt and other similar ones fortified for Vitamin D are beneficial. Skimmed Milk is usually not of any help for Vitamin D as it lacks fats for its absorption.

2-Mushrooms: Mushrooms have abundant Vitamin D. White mushrooms, also known as button mushrooms have the highest amount. After exposure to sunlight, they themselves produce Vitamin D. Growers can increase Vitamin D by exposing mushrooms to ultraviolet light. One cup of cubed mushroom fulfilled over 60% of vitamin D requirement.

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3-Tuna: Tuna and other canned fishes contain a good amount of Vitamin D which calculates to about over a quarter of the recommended amount. There are mercury health hazard risks sometimes so be careful.

4-Eggs: Two large eggs contain one-eighth of the recommended Vitamin D for an average person along with many other health benefits.

5-Salmon: Salmon tops the list with the highest amount of Vitamin D. Note that wild mushrooms have a higher amount of it than the farmed ones. Only half a Salmon fillet has a quantity of vitamin D which is more than enough for the daily allowance for an average person.

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6-Orange Juice: One cup of fresh orange juice contains more vitamin D as compared to a cup of fortified milk. Tinned or canned juice has lots of sugars and additives which won’t have a positive effect.

7-Tofu: There is 140IU Vitamin D in a fifth of a block of tofu.

8-Ricotta cheese: Ricotta cheese has the highest quantity of Vitamin D as compared to other cheese types.

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9-Cereals: Not all cereals are fortified for Vitamin D. Check the label before buying. Usually, the cereals recommended for children are fortified for Vitamin D.

10-Cod Liver Oil: Cod Liver Oil is more of a supplement for Vitamin D instead of food. One teaspoon of it contains 450IU Vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays its role overall in almost everything from brain functioning to immune system to healthy skin and bone strength.

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