10 Facts about the legendary City of Yanbu you didn’t know

The coastal city of Yanbu, located by the Red Sea, is renowned for the exceptionally serene atmosphere, sandy beaches, and beautiful mountains. The state of the art petrochemical plant that is located in Yanbu along with the overwhelmingly tall oil refineries, glitter all through the night, to impress visitors to the city.

No one would ever believe that this immensely massive industrial city had once witnessed several bloody events that are lying buried underneath all the pillars and pipelines of the modern age. The battles and conflicts over power had continued for long periods of time.[irp]

It continued until the Saudis arrived, who put a final end to all the little skirmishes and ultimately steered the entire region to prosperity and progress. It would be unfair if we don’t talk about Lawrence of Arabia who helped Arabs to attain military success. Here are a few facts about Yanbu that you might not know;

1-The coastal city of Yanbu has had a history that dates back to 2,500 years when it used to act as a staging point on the caravan route from Egypt to Yemen, Syria, and Mediterranean.

2- Since as far as history is recorded, the port of Yanbu has catered to the needs of ships that had sailed through the Red Sea.

3-The population of Yanbu had not crossed 7,000 by the arrival of the 20th century. Despite the relatively small size, the city enjoys the prime of the world of petrochemicals.

4-In the earlier years of Islam, several battles had taken place around and in Yanbu. The Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) had led a Muslim army against the Quraish in the Yanbu Al Nakhl.

5-The city of Yanbu has gotten its name from the presence of upwards of 100 springs that are originating from the city. In accordance to Sharief Salma Bin Ayash Yanbu’e, there had been 170 springs in the area once upon a time.

6-The Yanbu al Nakhl and the Yanbu Al Bahr are located in close proximity to one another and are considered to be one single city.

7-The Two parts of Yanbu has received immense care and support from the governors and sultans who had ruled the land in the past. Several foreign occupying forces tried to occupy Yanbu too, due to its strategic location.

8-During the period of the Abbasids, the Hejaz area, of which Yanbu is also a part, had witnessed an immense amount of bloodshed which had followed the revolt of Mohammed Bin Abdullah, who was a grandson of Hasan Al Muthanna Bin Hasan Bin Ali Bin Abu Talib, who had been born in Madinah and given nicknames of Mahdi, Arqar and Al Nafs Al Zakiyya.

9-Yanbu had also played a vital role in the military and politics during the era of the Ottomans. Yanbu witnessed several battles fought amongst the sheriffs in order to capture more power.

10-Yanbu witnessed the coronation of the governors and also witnessed the ending of the rule of the Sultans in the region.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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