10 Facts about the Battle of Tabuk every Muslim should know

The Muslims started to gain power which disturbed the non-believers. They were worried about their own empires. The emperors sensed a threat to their empires. One of such worried emperor was Caesar of Rome.

1-He became more worried after the conquest of Makkah when the ruler of Makkah accepted Islam. Islam was taking over and Caesar could not bear this. He decided to attack Muslims.

Caesar’s orders were followed in Syria which was populated by Christians. On orders of Caesar the Syrians started to prepare for a war against the Muslims and were able to gather an army of 4,000 soldiers equipped with great armors.

2-They headed towards the fort named Tabuk. The Tabuk was located on the road which leads Al Hijr to Damascus. The army camped there. When the Holy Prophet PBUH was informed about the Syrian army at Tabuk, he announced a war against the enemy.

3-He asked his followers to get ready for a battle, a battle which was to be made in the name of Allah and for the sake of Islam. On the call of Holy Prophet PBUH, the Muslims of Makkah and Madina gathered right away.

So much so that within no time, 30,000 Muslims were ready to wipe away the enemy. Among these 30,000 men, only 10,000 were the trained soldiers, rests were ordinary men who were ready to sacrifice their lives for sake of Islam.

4-Yet, Muslims faced a difficulty before the battle even started. Abdullah bin Ubayy used to call himself a Muslim but was actually a hypocrite. He did not want the Muslims to win the battle so he started to discourage them.

He told them that the battle would be tough as the enemy is greater in number and the hot weather would make the task more difficult. He somehow succeeded in his plan as the tribe of khizraj changed its mind of taking part in the battle and retrieved.

5-Allah made the Jihad fard in the battle of Tabuk. In every battle before the battle of Tabuk, Muslims were encouraged for Jihad but it was not fard on them. In the battle of Tabuk, Muslims who didn’t go for the battle without any excuse were called hypocrites.

6-The day when the Muslim army was to leave for Tabuk, they were encouraged by the Holy Prophet PBUH. The Prophet PBUH told them that Allah is with them and they shall have faith in Allah. They shall not fear the enemy. The army left Madina with high determination.

7-Hazrat Ali R.A. was not taken to the battlefield. He, however, used to command every battle but this time the Prophet PBUH knew that hypocrites would cause trouble while he (PBUH) was not present so he kept Hazrat Ali R.A in-charge there.

8-It was the summer times and the Muslim army, on the other hand, was facing hardships on their way to Tabuk. They ran short of water yet Allah Almighty blessed them with rain.

Finally, when they reached Tabuk, they were surprised to see that the enemy wasn’t there. The enemy had run away in fear. The Muslim army, however, waited for 20 days yet enemy did not appear. The Muslims left the battlefield after 20 days.

9-The journey to Tabuk was not wasted. The Muslims got well aware of the hypocrites and on their way back to Madina they were able to make many people embrace Islam.

Those non-believers who did not accept Islam agreed to pay tax to Muslims and in return asked for protection by the Muslims.

10-When he came back to Madina, the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W ordered to burn down the Masjid Dirar. We have covered the topic in detail.

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