10 Facts about 29th February and Leap Year you need to know

The giant company, Google, which has been taking over the world, celebrated the date of 29th of February. Google celebrated this unusual date which comes once every 4 years by giving the date its very own unique doodle.

The main reason behind the year 2016 having one more day than its 3 previous years and the 3 following years is due to the planetary orbits.

1-The Gregorian calendar which is the most popularly used calendar anywhere around the world measures a complete year to be consisting of 365 days, which is also the exact number of days it takes for the Earth to orbit around the Sun.

However, it has been noted that the earth takes in fact 365.24 days to completely finish its solar orbit and that one extra day is added every 4 years just to keep all of the calendars and seasons synchronized with the solar based seasons.

2-The month of February had been chosen to add this extra day due to the fact that it is the only month in the calendar which does not have either 30 or 31 days.

3-It has been suggested since ages, that the month of February is only comprised of 28 days because of the fact that the Roman Emperors were jealous.

4-In accordance with the theory which cites that the month of February has only 28 days due to the jealousy of Roman emperors, it is claimed that the second month of the year i.e. February used to have 30 days before the rule of the Roman Emperor Augustus.

5-The Roman Emperor Augustus, after whom the month August is named, supposedly had wanted that his own month has the same number of days which had been allotted to the month of July i.e. 31 days, the month of July had been named after another famous emperor, Julius Caesar.

6-As this theory is stated, back then, the month of August was the one which had only 29 days; however, the Roman Emperor Augustus took two days off of February in order to lengthen the month of August for his own benefit.

7-In the real world, however, there is irrefutable evidence which states that the directly immediate predecessor of the widely used Gregorian calendar, the Julian calendar had marked the month of February as comprising of 28 days even before August had become a 31-day month.

8-If anybody in the United Kingdom is born on the 29th of February, their date of birth in accordance with their legal documents and official record in those years which do not leap years is considered to be on March 1.

9-Well, firstly I want to say that why didn’t I know that July was named after Caesar. What have we been learning at school? Makes no sense right?

10-Well at least for me this news is something new that the months of July and August are named after Roman Emperors Augustus and Julius Caesar.

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