10 dressing rules everyone should learn

Either be office, lunch or a party you need to look perfect and for a perfect look, you need to dress up properly. Your dress defines your look, a look that is noticeable. A good dress worn wrong shall make you look indecent. So why not wear a dress as it is meant to be.

Here are some rules that are necessary for you to learn so that you can a desirable look!

  1. The Button rules

You need to memorize the always, never and sometimes button rule of your jacket. The Upper button of the jacket shall sometimes be buttoned depending upon your mood.

This means it is okay if you button it or unbutton it. The middle button shall always be buttoned while the last button shall never be buttoned. Recommended: 5 reasons why you should never use the bottom button on suits

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  1. Button rule for shirts and blouse

Now when you wear a shirt or a blouse and you wish to unbutton the upper buttons, do not unbutton more than two! So, ladies out there, always make sure that not more than two buttons remain to unbutton!

  1. The jewelry hacks

Ladies have a matching set of jewelry that includes rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklace. While they love every bit of it, adding too many jewels do not look good at all. So here is the rule, either wear earrings or a necklace and wear ring or bracelet!

  1. The tie length rule

How to know the appropriate length of the tie is a critical issue that often men face! Make sure that you wear a tie that has a perfect length that is neither long no short. The tie shall cross your waist a little bit. It shall neither be short of waist nor shall go beyond it.

  1. The miniskirt rules

We say it miniskirt or cleavage rule. When opting for a miniskirt, make sure it does not makes your cleavage visible. You will not decent with both. However, if you have a long dress, cleavage won’t be a problem there!

  1. Jacket and tie

Now, if you are wearing a jacket over a t-shirt, you shall opt for a tie. In case you do not want to wear a jacket, leave the tie as well!

  1. Cleavage rule for office

The neckline of your shirt shall not be more than 4 inches from the collar bone. The cleavage rule is four inches for office!

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  1. Belt rule

If you do not wish to wear a belt, do not tuck your shirt. However with a tucked shirt, always wear a belt.

  1. Cardigans and skin

For ladies, you shall not make your skin visible while wearing a cardigan! If your cardigan is a short one, so much that your skin between cardigan and pants is visible, wear a long top/shirt beneath it!

  1. Belt and shoes

Remember that your belt shall be the same color as that of shoes. Do not wear a brown belt with black shoes, always wear both of the same colors.

  1. No tags, please

Make sure you cut off all the visible tags from your clothes.

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  1. Prints and color

Make sure you do not wear too many prints (lines, floral, strips and so). In case you are wearing two prints, make sure you wear them in the same color.

  1. Socks length

The appropriate length of socks is the one in which your skin is not visible while you are sitting. A small sized sock thereby is not suitable.

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  1. Office and sleeves

If you are opting sleeveless blouse for your office, it shall be a one in which your shoulders are covered. Do not go for spaghetti straps or so for offices.

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