10 Cancer Symptoms which most of us Ignore in our daily Life

Cancer has suddenly become a household illness, what once was a rare occurrence. I urge all people to not ignore the following cancer symptoms;

Changes in Bowel Habits

When your bowel movement is not as easy as it was once, or if your stool is appearing larger than usual or deformed, it could be a symptom of colon cancer.

It could also be a sign of a mass impeding the passage of the stool. In such a case, the person should immediately visit their doctor.

Hoarseness and Cough

While most coughs are nothing to be worried about, a consistent cough or cacophony, accompanied by blood is a cause for serious concern and could be one of the cancer symptoms.

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Changes in bladder habits

If there is any blood in your urine, then it could be a cancer symptom of kidney or bladder cancer; however, this is also a common sign of UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Check for infections, prior to pursuing other options of treatment.

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Constant unexplained pain

Most of the pain we feel is definitely not a cancer symptom; however, any chronic or persistent pain must be examined by a medical professional.

If you are having chronic headaches it might not mean you have brain cancer; however, it is something to be checked. Pain in the chest area could be a symptom of lung cancer and abdomen pain can indicate ovarian cancer.

Changes in the appearance of moles

While not all of the moles on our body indicate melanoma, spotting a new mole, mark or spotting one which has changed its appearance is something to be concerned about, and you should have that checked by a dermatologist.

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Non-healing sores

If you have any sore which has crossed the three-week mark, you should discuss it with your doctor.  We expect our body to have recovered from the sore by now; if it does not then you need to get that checked as it may be a sign of carcinoma.

Unexpected bleeding

Bleeding in the vaginal area, outside of the normal time cycle can be a clear early sign of cervical cancer and bleeding from the rectal area can indicate colon cancer.

Unexplainable weight loss

While grown-ups are trying to lose weight all the time, if the weight is simply falling off you without any effort, it could be a serious medical problem such as a tumor or malignancy.

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Any unexplainable lumps

Any time that one has any lumps or a lump which is changing, it is a cause for serious concern. It may be the beginning of a cyst; it could very well also be cancer. A lump in the breast area can be a common symptom of breast cancer.

Difficulty in swallowing

Two cancers that can be behind this symptom include esophageal and neck cancer. People who are suffering from these symptoms will start to change their diets to eat softer foods, without thinking that there might actually be a serious health issue.

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