10 beautiful places you can visit within a budget of SR 5,000

Who does not love to travel? I guess there would be only few that would not like to explore the world, experience its great beauty and enjoy a changing environment.

Of course, we all love to travel to far off places that are either rich in nature, history or exhibit great scenic beauty. But then, we all can’t travel to all places we wish.

Traveling is costly; an air-ticket to your favorite destination might cost you more than what you have saved. But then there is a solution to it! Why not prefer traveling to places whose ticket won’t cost you much?

You can enjoy great places there and then your dream of traveling within budget would get accomplished!  Tourism has emerged as a great sector. In past, it was considered that only rich can enjoy traveling but that is not true.

You see, there are places where you can travel to and that won’t hurt your pocket much. These places are beautiful and you will enjoy your trip there. So I picked up for you these great XX destinations that shall not cost you more than SR 5,000. So pack up your bags and get ready to travel!

Malaysia: Malaysia is a beautiful country to visit. I love their food, it is very tasty and cheap. Kuala Lumpur is not way less cheap than any expensive city of Saudi Arabia. You can find hotels at affordable rates very easily.

If you look for promotional tickets, you can grab an offer within a range of SR 1,600 to SR 2,000/-. An average hotel would cost you around SR 150 per night and the cost of Visit Visa of Malaysia is just SR 20.

Turkey: If you want to see the Islamic art, you need to visit Turkey. You will see the mixture of the Islamic and European culture there. You will find girls in skirts, hijab, and scarf. You will find beautiful mosques and amazing churches.

The normal cost of the ticket is SR 1200 but you can grab a good deal in the range of SR 800/-. The hotel would cost you around SR 250 per night and the cost of Turkey Visit Visa is around SR 350/-. We have further explained the cost of Places to Visit in Istanbul.

Georgia: Another beautiful country but cold country. It is better if you visit this country in the Summer. However, booking a ticket to Tbilisi even in winter is not a bad deal as you can find tickets in the range of SR 1200 in winter. It’s a cheap country and hotel would not cost you a lot.

You can experience a temperature of around -4 in the winters which are good for many people living in Saudi Araba. Moreover, all GCC iqama holders can enjoy visa-free entry to Georgia/

Tunisia: Tunisia is a North African country bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert. The beautiful country of Tunisia is known for its golden beaches, sunny weather, and affordable luxuries.

On average the tickets cost in the range of SR 1200. Hotels in the capital city is not an expensive option. Recently, Tunisia government has announced a visa-free entry to Tunisia for all GCC iqama holders.

United Arab Emirates: The easiest place to go from Saudi Arabia is perhaps the United Arab Emirates. If you are living in Jeddah, the normal ticket costs SR 1000. But during the promotional period, you can grab a ticket for SR 700 as well.

The hotels are not that cheap, the minimum cost of the hotel would be SR 500 per night. But the cost to roam around is not that high. You can take the metro and roam around the entire Dubai.

You can easily apply for UAE Visa Online following the instructions are given in the link. The cost of the visa is around SR 225.

Bahrain: It is the cheapest option for the people living in Dammam and Riyadh. You can go to Bahrain on weekend even. All Saudi Iqama holders can get On Arrival Visa of Bahrain. If you travel through the King Fahad Causeway, there is no visa cost.

The hotels are almost in the same range as we can find in Saudi Arabia. If you are going there on your personal car, you will not have to incur any additional cost to move around. There are many recommended Places to Visit in Bahrain.

Oman: I think the most underrated country in the GCC is Oman. There are many Places to Visit in Oman which you really need to visit. We have already shared the Procedure to get on Arrival Visa at Oman.

Kuwait: Kuwait is more or less the younger brother of Saudi Arabia. You will experience a similar culture, similar lifestyle. I don’t think there are many places to roam around.  All GCC iqama holders can get an on-arrival visa of Kuwait.

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