10 Amazing Tips and Tricks to memorize things Quickly

Why do we forget so quickly?

Ever wonder why you forget what you memorized? Remember how good you memorized the mathematical formulas once or the Laws of motions? There are many things that we once held in our brains but now have forgotten.

This is because, with new memories, our old ones tend to vanish. Only those that are effectively memorized tend to stay with us for a long time period. So, all those who wish to memorize effectively so that the information stays in their head for a long time shall read and follow the tips.

These tips are useful for students who have to learn formulas, laws and other things. Or those who wish to memorize useful information can surely enjoy the easy learning process given below. Moreover, those who are memorizing Quran shall gain benefits from this very article.

How to memorize quickly?

Let us first talk about the easiest way to memorize things. This formula, which really works, was developed by a German psychologist named Hermann Ebbinghaus. He discovered that the Human brain tends to forget things that have been memorized after the passage of time.

So much so that 66% of information is lost right after 1 hour. So, we need to repeat the memorization process after intervals. This requires you to memorize information right after learning it, after 15-20 minutes, after 6-8 hours and last one after a day.

4993 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks to memorize things Quickly

How to memorize for a long time?

If you want information to stay with you for a long time, memorize it repeatedly for five times by following this schedule: right after learning, after half an hour, after 1 day, after 2-3 weeks, after 2-3 months. Some tips and tricks for easy memorization!

  1. Understanding – A Tip to memorize quickly

To boost up memorization process by 9 times, simply understand what you are learning.

  1. Priorities

Learn the most useful and important information first. Also, understand that thing you memorize first and last are most remembered ones.

  1. Learn opposites – A Tip to memorize quickly

For those learning languages, learning opposites are easy. Learning the opposite things is much easier.

  1. Connecting things

Now, whatever you are learning connects to the surrounding things. For instance, connect the memorized thing with a room lamp, frame, and bed. Then repeat the memorization process. When you need to recall what you learned, recall the room lamp, frame and bed.

  1. Use nail words – A Tip to memorize quickly

Now connect one learned thing to another though nail words. When you recall one memorized information, the second one will automatically get recalled due to the nail word.

  1. Old words to new ones

If you are learning a language, you need to connect an old word with a new one. This way you would remember them both! You can also connect one new information with the old one.

  1. Story making – A Tip to memorize quickly

Distribute information into a story and then memorize! It is much easier that way.

  1. Record It

If you are good at remembering audios, you shall record what you want to memorize and then listen to it after a few intervals.

  1. Muscle learning

Visualize what you are learning. This would stimulate muscle learning that will help you memorize effectively.

  1. Learn what is important

Learn new stuff, the important one. Unauthentic and outdated stuff is useless to learn!

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