10 facts about fingerprints you should know

Our fingerprints are a beautiful creature of God as they are used in many scientific things these days. Today, I am going to share 10 interesting facts about fingerprints which we should know.

  1. No Two Fingerprints are the same

For more than a century, fingerprints have been the basis of identification. There are billions of fingerprints which must have been analyzed up till now, however, no two duplicate fingerprint patterns have been recorded.

  1. It catches crimes

When anybody is issued an identification card, no DNA sample might be taken as many would consider it as a violation of their privacy, however nobody has a problem with providing the authorities with their fingerprints to be on their record so that their background check is completed, they get an ID card and they can be employed.

  1. A first in the Industry

The forensic sciences exist mainly due to fingerprints. We think that today forensics are only analyzing DNA; however, fingerprints are a vital part of this science.

  1. They held our grip

We have these fingerprints mainly so that our skin and our hands can grab hold of things. The minor ridges on the skin help to prevent sliding of objects in our hands.

  1. Fingerprints develop early on in life

A fetus will start developing its very own fingerprints by the 3 months’ gestation mark. It is largely believed that the environment in the womb has a direct influence upon the fingerprint development.

  1. Some of the materials do not accept fingerprints

The main reason why people leave any fingerprints is that our skin is secreting salts and oils that leave a residue. As our fingerprint is oil-based, not all materials retain the image as well as a wall or a mirror.

  1. Just blame the Koala

The Koala also has ridges on their fingers which can leave an almost identical fingerprint in comparison to humans. It has been said that any Koala can commit a crime and it could be blamed on a human, or vice versa.

  1. The matching points don’t necessarily match

One of the legal standards which have been put in place is that of matching specific points on your fingerprint. Due to the fact that from a distance all fingerprints look the same, places such as Australia and the United Kingdom have set up a requirement of at least 12-16 matching points which must be in a fingerprint in comparison to a file image to be classified as legal evidence.

  1. Catching a murderer

In the United States of America, the first legal conviction had been based upon fingerprint evidence which occurred in 1910. A robber broke into a house and shot the owner during the robbery. The man left his fingerprint on some wet paint on his way out of the house.

  1. Life on the Mississippi

Mark Twain has given one of the earliest references to fingerprint technology in a book that had been published back in 1883. He used the technology in his book to solve a crime and Mark Twain also used the same idea on another book that wrote the very next year in 1884.

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