6 interesting facts about fingerprints

Many of us do not know some interesting facts about fingerprints such as it holds our unique identity feature. Here are some interesting facts;

Every individual has unique fingerprints

For more than a century, fingerprints have been the basis of identification. There are billions of fingerprints that must have been analyzed up till now with zero duplicate fingerprint patterns.

Fingerprints and crime investigation

When anybody is issued an identification card or enters a new country, authorities take their fingerprint data. Whenever a crime takes place, the authorities check the fingerprint database which helps them identify the criminal.

Francisca Rojas is believed to be the first criminal found guilty through fingerprint evidence in the world in 1892.

10 interesting facts about fingerprints

Fingerprints and forensic science

One interesting fact about fingerprints is that a whole branch of science called forensic science exists mainly due to fingerprints. In forensics, we also analyze DNA but fingerprints are a vital part of this science.

How are they created?

We have these fingerprints mainly so that our skin and our hands can grab hold of things. The minor ridges on the skin help to prevent the sliding of objects in our hands.

Fingerprints development starts before birth

A fetus will start developing its very own fingerprints by the 3 months gestation mark. It is largely believed that the environment in the womb has a direct influence on fingerprint development.

Koala fingerprints are similar to humans

Many of us do not know the interesting fact that Koala also has ridges on their fingers which can leave an almost identical fingerprint in comparison to humans. It has been said that any Koala can commit a crime and it could be blamed on a human, or vice versa.

Koala fingerprints are similar to humans

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