10 advantages of drinking Arabic Qahwa

Arabic qahwa or coffee is quite popular in the Arab world due to its great taste and aroma. It is served as a traditional and staple food in Arab countries.

Arabic Qahwa is delicious to drink and also good for health. Arabic tea contain s a large amount of caffeine than any other tea in the world.  In this article, we will discuss some health benefits of Arabian tea.

Advantages of Arabic Qahwa

Arabic coffee has several health benefits like;

  1. It is rich in many vitamins like Vitamin B2 and vitamin B5 that are present in exact proportion. It contains 3% of potassium and 2% magnesium.
  2. It is rich in antioxidants that stimulate the nervous system
  3. It stimulates brain growth and increases activeness in people.
  4. Useful in brain activities like concentration and thinking.
  5. Reduces appetite and unnecessary eating.
  6. Promotes muscular health and does not allow the muscles to contract too much after the exercise
  7. Helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in the body by increasing the insulin level.
  8. Improves immunity and helps in fighting certain diseases.
  9. Its active ingredients help to eliminate laziness and dizziness.
  10. It promotes the heart’s heath thus reducing the risk of heart attacks, clogged arteries, and other diseases. It burns excessive fats from the body maintaining a healthy body

Disadvantages of Arabic Coffee

Nevertheless, it is not wrong to say that excessive use of everything can cause harm to your body. Similar is in the case of Arabic Qahwa.

It comes with a lot of health benefits but on the other side, it too has many disadvantages if taken in excessive amounts. Taking too much Arabian tea is harmful to human health.

Due to the delicious taste, a person cannot resist taking it but it is also necessary to know the negative side of the thing that you are taking.

Here are some disadvantages of Arabian coffee that one will witness if he is taking too much tea.

  • Insomnia and sleepless nights
  • The heartbeat rate increases
  • The body’s ability to absorb iron get reduces
  • Nervous tension
  • Risk of heart attack
  • Infertility and impotence
  • Deterioration of the shape of the fetus during pregnancy

How much can you drink?

According to some doctors and experts, a person should not consume more than three cups of Arabian tea per day. 2 or 3 cups of Arabian Qahwa is the maximum amount that should be taken per day.

Moreover, hypertension or heart patients should avoid using too much coffee as it may increase their blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks.

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