How 100,000 German women suffered largest mass rape in history?

1945 is said to be a historical year for Germany as many historical changes took place during this year and this very year the Soviet-occupied the area of Central Germany. However, it was the end time of Second World War but Germany was still suffering devastation.

During the month of January and August 1945, Germany witnessed the largest and brutal incidents of mass rape in the history. During that time reports showed that nearly two million of German women were raped by the Soviet Red Army Soldiers.

According to the hospital report of months April to May 1945, there were almost 100,000 rape cases reported in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. Whereas nearly 1.4 million rape cases were reported from East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia.

This was saddening but more saddening news were drawn on the reports of the hospitals which stated that the rate of abortions cases increased and was carried out daily across the Country.

One of the Soviet War correspondent of that time, Natalya Gesse, said Soviets army was the army of rapists who didn’t care about the ages or status of their victims and they took it as their right to rape every German woman and raped every female from eight to eighty.

She said this that caused the death of nearly 200,000 girls and women especially due to the spread of some fatal diseases because many eyes witness stated that many girls and women were raped more than 70 times in that period.

The mass rape of German women by Red Army was a kind of revenge against their enemy, the German Army. She further said the Red Army took this mass raping of German women as their right to do because the German Army violated their homeland by attacking it.

Besides this, they were not in contact with their women for a long period which caused their animal extinct to be heightened.

A Soviet major of that time told to British Journalist in 1945 that their fellows were so sex-starved, that they often raped old women above sixty, seventy or even eighty.

Walter Zapotoczny wrote in his book that even female Russian soldiers did not condemn the rape of German Women and many found it amusing.

The rape cases decreased vastly in 1947 when the Soviet troops were ordered to take back their camps in Russia and left residential areas in Germany.

The above mentioned whole incident of mass rape of German women is taken from Walter Zapotoczny Jr. Book ‘Beyond Duty: The Reason Some Soldiers Commit Atrocities’

Source: Al Arabiya