Saudi Woman responded with 3 super flying kicks to a man who harassed her

Very recently a video was seen trending on Saudi Twitter with the hashtag #فتاة_تضرب_شاب_بجدة ‘Girl hit the guy in Jeddah’ in Arabic. The Saudi twitter community angrily reacted to this viral video.

The video was captured by the surveillance camera of the restaurant which portrayed a woman hitting a guy at a restaurant. This video started making rounds online.

The video captured an incident which showed a Saudi man enters the restaurant and said something to a woman in return for which the woman threw something onto him which seem to be her mobile phone or a wallet.

After hitting the man with the object the women then jumped up to hit the man by kicking him twice and tried to punch him but the man resists to save himself and hit her back.

At the first glance, the incident seemed extraordinary because such hitting scenes by women are only seen in movies but the reality is quite different. This was the first time, I saw a woman who is physically too trained that she jumped in the air to hit the man.

This video was captured earlier this month and the reasons behind the incidents are yet not revealed. Nobody knows what happened between the two, that forced the woman to hit the man. Every viewer of the video issued a mixed reaction.

Some of the social media users suggested that the women might have harassed by the man. Most people praised the woman for her courage while some referred her act as unfeminine. 

Some of the people started calling the women as Saudi Bruce Lee. While men reaction was quite different and they started worrying that woman team has become too strong.

They were worried about their driving and attending sports games but now they are worried about getting hit by women in the Public.

Everybody is throwing blames on both of them which should be stopped now because nobody is aware of the reality between the both.

Source: Twitter