Did an Airplane make an emergency landing on Saudi highway during a sandstorm?

As we all are quite aware of the Sandstorm that hit the western region of Saudi Arabia which severely restricted visibility in various areas of the Kingdom including Makkah, Jeddah, Bahra and Al Jamoum.

It not only affected the traffic system and the people of the Kingdom we can say that the airlines too got affected with this. But thanks to Allah Almighty no severe airline or road incident was reported in the creepy weather condition.

Sandstorm is a difficult situation as visibility goes down to zero sometimes. You are not able to see anything in front of you.

Especially if you are driving this time, it is not advisable to stop anywhere as somebody coming from the back can hit you easily. We have shared some tips for safe driving during a sandstorm.

Now with the invention of smartphones and an easy access to the internet, people love to post pictures and videos of something unusual and some unusual happenings around them.

Same happened during the horrible sandstorm. Many people posted videos and pictures relating to the sandstorm and the adverse weather. One amazing video too came forward which was posted by someone on social media.

That video contained unusual content which might be impossible many of us to believe but on the other hand, many doubted the accuracy of the video.

That video showed an airplane landing on a busy highway and it continued circulating on social media the video claimed that the plane landed at Jeddah-Makkah highway during the sandstorm in Jeddah.

If we look at the video, we will see a plane struggling to take control and landing on Jeddah highway during the sandstorm when the visibility is severely low.

The plane tries to land on the highway and vehicles can be seen passing by on the nearby busy road. This video was captured by one of the passengers sitting in the car.

Really, when I saw the video for the first time it gave me an impression that the caption of the video is correct. The caption of the video was referring that the plane had to make an emergency landing on Jeddah-Makkah highway due to low visibility.

If you look closely, you can see that it is a two-way road. If you have ever been to Jeddah-Makkah highway, you must know that it is a 6 lane road on both sides. You would not find vehicles coming in and going on the same lane.

Here we can establish one point that the video is not related to Jeddah-Makkah highway. But yes, in first impression I also believed that the video is related to emergency landing on the road.

This video was posted on social media and went viral. Everybody got a new topic to discuss and blame the authorities. Saudi authorities came ahead and took an action against the video denying the fact of its emergency landing on the highway.

Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation denied the accuracy of the video and said the video relates to King Abdul Aziz International airport of Jeddah during 2015 sandstorm and the cars seen passing by belongs to the airport executive office.

Source: Arab News