7 facts about the Historic caves of Al Shada mountains in Al Baha, Saudi Arabia

1-A small town Al-Makhnaw around 800 kilometers southwest of Riyadh, surrounded by several villages with the Rocky Mountains is a scenic sight. The landscape of Al-Baha province with the rare Rocky Mountains and formation add to the scenic beauty of the city.

2-We are talking about the Al Shada mountains, the highest peak situated in Al-Baha. Shada Mountains are the Rocky Mountains that are a major adventurists attraction.

3-Shada mountains are around 2400 meters above sea level and are divided into two parts: Shada Al-Asfal that is lower Shada a Shada Al-Ala that is upper Shada. 

4-The scenic beauties, Rocky Mountains, nearby villages are an ideal venue for different sports activities that include trekking, hiking and mountain biking. The mountains are great for camping sites and family picnic.

5-The Shada mountains hold historical importance too. These mountains are not ordinary mountains but there are carved caves in the mountains that date back to pre-historic periods.

The villages also have ancient homes that have historical importance too. The ancient homes are made of granite stones. The walls are also adorned with beautiful drawings and decoration material. The windows also have beautifully carved drawings.

The Shada Mountains and the village is a natural reserve and requires the visitors to bring even water and all basic necessities with them along. The nearest area for supplies and services to be found is around 15 km away in the town called Qalwah.

6-These caves have engraved drawings and inscriptions on walls. These drawings usually represent animals that are extinct now or animals that are found in North Africa and Southern France.

The Shada mountains are not an only attractive site for tourists and adventurists but also an attractive destination for those who are interested in archeology and historical writing and drawings.

These mountains are an attractive site for anthropologists and biologists. These mountains are considered as a Global Tourist destination.

7-In order to fully capture the historic and scenic importance that these mountains and the nearby villages present, it is important that to build complete infrastructure.  

The presence of roads will connect the villages and the mountain area and will allow the tourists to reach the top of the mountain with ease. This will allow the tourists to fully explore this area and enjoy to their fullest.


Development of tourism and national heritage is an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The Shada mountains are an integral part of this vision as it will invite tourism and promote national heritage.

The Shada mountains have a friendly environment with weather ranging from mild cold to warm in summers. These mountains can remain open for tourist all around the year.

The tourism commission of Saudi Arabia is planning to arrange various adventurous sports like mountain climbing, hang gliding, zip line and much more to cater to the various segments of the society. Agriculture development and coffee harvest is also a major focus of development program.

Source: Saudi Gazette