Samor Ghosh: A Bangladeshi man who feeds 2,000 birds every day

Feeding the poor is an act of greatness, kindness, and gesture of love, but feeding the birds in a large number and without a break is something extraordinary. We see lots of people feeding the pigeons and other birds in different parts of the world, but this news is extraordinary.

Yes, a person who feeds nearly 2000 birds daily, from his pocket. Much wow and applaud indeed. Never have we heard of such a person, for we all are busy in our own lives or thinking about ourselves only.

A middle-class shopkeeper or a person can only feed his family meets ends but Samor Kumar Ghosh of Bangladesh is doing this extraordinary and heart melting job of feeding the native birds every morning.

He is feeding the birds for the last five years. The birds start gathering near his sweetmeat shop every morning. He said, some five years ago he fed some few birds named Indian Mynahs. He fed them with Chanachur which is a subcontinent snack food.

The next day he noticed some more birds gathered near his shop at that same time and the number of birds started increasing day by day and now the number of birds have increased up to 2,000.

Every morning the birds from all around the city and town gather near his sweetmeat shop and he loves to feed them with much attraction and love.

The Mynah is basically known as the quarreling species of birds but this is indeed amazing to see that they gather near his shop and fill their appetite so calmly and quietly, said by one of the spectators of Samor’s Bird sanctuary in the city.


Samor said that the mynahs usually travel many kilometers every day to enjoy their breakfast with him. He further said he use to spend 45,000 takas (nearly $600) per month to feed them i.e. SR 27,000 per annum.

He was unable to explain his feelings and said, to him, it is like a paradise when he sees the birds encircling near him at the start of the day.


He said Allah Almighty has made him a source to feed his creatures and it is due to Allah’s wish, he can justify the expenses and got the ability to do more for his creature.

He has also involved his family members in his work. Sometimes his 11-years-old son Sharon Kumar Ghosh feed the birds when Samor is out of town. Samor said he had advised his son to continue his tradition of feeding the birds in the future.

It is seen that the bird which is also known as the senseless creature of Allah who does not possess any proper sense of understanding, but they know that they will get food and affection from Samor and they gather there to collect from him.

It is an eye-catching attraction for everyone. Last year Samor was also awarded the country best “Bird Lover” award by Bangladesh Forest Department.

Source: Arab News