A Pakistani man marries 2 Women on the Same Day at the Same Time

Marrying a second wife is something that is distinguished by Islamic Law, as long as the man has the ability to direct himself in that wedding, as stated by the Islamic law requests of him of maintaining strict equity between his wives. He must attempt to be the best of his capacity.

Recently a video clip going viral on social media shows that a Pakistani man married two women on the same day. The silliness of this act made a question that TV channel felt no shame in spreading the open celebration of polygamy.[irp]

The video clip showed a man in his late twenties dressed as a hero marrying two of his cousins; his paternal aunt and paternal uncle’s daughters. He was being considered as a hero because of his daring gesture to get married to his cousins who did not have to go through the guilt of not finding an appropriate match.

Marriage is not treated as a part of love and care in rural areas where systems are run by men but it is a process to produce children to increase the family tree. In the video, it was clearly shown that the families of both girls were enjoying the wedding shamelessly because they think they transferred their burden to a brave man who took responsibility to support his cousins.

According to the media report, his cousins, the brides were interviewed in which they stated that they had no objection to this marriage. The parents of the girls declared that they were very happy with this wedding because this would bind their family and add more to it.

In such society, there is no respect for women. They are dishonored by men. They have to accept forcefully that men are superior and even God had permitted them to marry four women.

These girls had made this choice without any force. They had been brainwashed by the society in such a way that they had no objection to such a pathetic violation of their rights. They had no fear of annoying God and had accepted the lifetime depression in their lives.

This is not a celebration of wedding but celebration of compromise among three families. They think they had transferred their burden and made themselves free but nobody knows whether they lead a happy life based on love and fairness or not.

Everyone will face bad experience from this wedding. It is not a risk of three lives but their families and children will also suffer because of this.

Everyone has a right to marry someone who they love. But, our culture has taken out this right of love and feeling from the concept, especially for women. This is the real fact that women are treated inferiorly in our society.

In the eyes of law, this marriage is absolutely correct and there is no abuse of rights since no rights were given to these women. Although we are living in the 21st century, our society still degrades women and treat them like cattle. Our media needs to show its positive role in shifting this condition instead of worsening it.

  • Ibrahim Rashid Mohamed

    Your article was subjective and impartial….just report the story and let the reader digest and have his/her conclusion, your shallow understandi
    ng of polygamy,love and life is unfortunate.

  • Iqbal Ahmed

    Surely this is disgusting

  • Ahmed Manjoo

    Well to me it looks like consenting adults partaking in a mutually accepted agreement – u have not provided an iota of evidence to the contrary that this was against the will of those being married. We live in a very strange world – on the one hand there is a strong advocacy for rights of LGBT community and on the other hand there is an objection to Polygamy – What is going on , i fail to understand. Ever looked at it from the perspective of the male bridegroom in that picture – did anyone ever ask whether he was coerced into doing it to fulfil family obligations or whether he is worried about how he will cope financially in the matter, or whether at all he is acting out of love in one case and loyalty in another? Poor sensationalist journalism at its best… thats what this is!

  • Jimmy Bones

    *subjective and partial.
    But yeah, I agree with your point.

  • Mak

    he is more towards his left side I feel he may devote his maximum attention to the wife on his left side

  • Shafiq Ul Islam

    Most people who oppose polygamy (more than one wife) supports extra-marital relations; means having girl friend or other types of sex relations is acceptable to them as long as both parties agree. It is found in most countries specially in west.

  • John Abram


  • Sheldon Cooper

    Ever wonder who he spent the first night with?