Ministry of Labor halts Changing Iqama Profession of Expats

The Arabic newspaper Al-Madina reported on Tuesday that the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has halted changing the job professions of Iqama.  As we all know that Iqama is a type of identity document that is issued to a foreign national as a permission to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

Many Expatriates are not satisfied because of their job professions stated on their Iqama and they wished to change their iqama profession. As we all know that no matter what your actual profession is, you will be treated in Saudi Arabia as the profession written on your iqama.[irp]

I once read a person who was working as an assistant engineer in a private construction company of Saudi Arabia, the iqama profession mentioned on his Iqama was Labor. He wished to change his title by showing his attested diplomas. Similarly, many expatriates are unsatisfied with their Iqama profession.

At the moment, Ministry of Labor has stopped changing iqama professions for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Many expatriates who came to Saudi Arabia on a different visa with an intention to change it, later on, are in trouble as their current profession is not in the List of Professions eligible for Family Visas in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry said those who are not allowed to change their Iqama profession can challenge the decision electronically. Furthermore, the ministry said, Inspection tours will be undertaken and each violator will be fined the amount of SR25,000.

It is important to mention here that the process to change the iqama profession has been halted, it has not been stopped. We can expect that soon the Ministry will start the process of changing iqama professions again.

The decision has been taken to stop the practice where employers bring highly skilled staff on a labor profession and later on change their profession. When Ministry issues a visa for a particular profession, the employer is entitled to bring an expatriate who can work in that profession only.

The Ministry will stop compensatory work visas after changing the ratio and modality of counting the Saudization rates in Nitaqat system (a law to provide better employment opportunities to Saudi Nationals ahead of Foreign Expatriates).

The Ministry said the Saudi’s who are above 60 years of age can apply for a job in private sectors but they will not be considered while counting the rates of Saudization. Saudization is a policy in which foreign Workers are replaced with Saudi National in private sectors.

Recently in an analysis, it was said that there are most numbers of Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia and a large number of Saudi Nationals are unemployed but now The Saudi Government has taken the decision to reduce unemployment among Native Saudi’s.

Source: Saudi Gazette

  • Mohammed Yousuf Ahmed Nilangak

    I am Working as Instrumentation Engineer ,I have Register in Saudi Council Of Engineers & i have the Authenticate To Work As Instrumentation Engineer , My Iqama Profession is Electrician , I want to Change My Iqama Profession By Giving The Change of Iqama Fees ,Al Ready I have paid The 1250 SAR for my Saudi Council Of Engineer Life membership ,Next I want To pay The Iqama Profession Change Fees, I am legally Paying Respective Fees, Kindly Allow Me To Pay My Iqama Profession Change FEES As MOHANDIS = “INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER”

    Note: ) I have Seen In Many Projects with My Colleague & Friends ,They are also working As Projects Engineer
    Projects Managers , Construction manager, Site manager ,Operation manager , Managing Directors,Production manager ,Technical manager , Process manager,Plant Manager,Superintendent manager ,Estimation manager, Many Types of MANGER, But There Iqama Is Labor ,& Worker ,Funny,Oil man , So On Small Visa,

    01) There is no Coordination Between The Three Section Of KSA Govt , A) Saudi Council Of Engineers
    B) Labor Ministry Office C) Jawazad MOFA, Office , many Expatriates From All 42 countries Expatriates Who is working In KSA as There kafeel Wish & All Maximum Private Company are Not Changing The Iqama profession & Not Going to Register Saudi Council Of Engineers ,It is Heavy Loss For the KSA Govt Revenue Section & Finance Section Immediately This Three Office come in To Action, Recover The Revenue Or Generate The Revenue for the KSA Govt , Every Private & Man power supply Company & All Private Sectors Company ,Private Plant,Private oil & gas petrochemical & Power Plant ,Refinery ,process Plant ,Production Plant , Any medium Or Small Scale Industry & Factory , Must Check & Raid The Three Section of the KSA Govt, To All Companies ,& factories,many Engineers & managers are working on Labors Visa As Big Post , at Entry in KSA as Labors But here In KSA Working as manager& Engineers ,Jointly Conduct the raid On Every Each Private Company Offices, Check the Records , Check The CR Numbers & IJJer , Verify Employment records , Some of the Private Company is Not Open the bank Account Of Employee, They issue The Salary Slip Every months , Not Every months payments will done After three To Four Months ,

    TO Update the Every Expatriates Records,for working on Which Post verify & Charge them some sorts Of Fees Increase the Revenue for the KSA Govt, The Above three Office Jointly Conduct the Raid Check The All Private Company Any Type,of Company All Miss Match Transaction Going On In Every Office & Every Private Company. This the Responsibility of the KSA Above Three Section Of KSA Govt ,

    Kindly Give Some Time for Updates the Expatriates Records This Will Increase The Govt Revenue Jointly Three Office To Work & keep The Coordination & Observation On Individual Each & Every Private Company Functionally Independently , & Turn Over Expatriates records, Every Company Has to Issue the ID for the
    Working Employee, May be Office Industry Company ,factory , Plant ,any Services OR Product Plant.
    Kindly Give Chance & make the Expatriates Records Updates , After That You can Conduct the Raid & Inspection Put Panelists On Companies .

  • Shafina Munna

    Approx when this process ll start again? When we can expect?

  • Shafina Munna

    Someone please reply me….

  • Shafina Munna

    Someone reply me Pls….
    Approx when this process ll start again? When we can expect?