Youngest Married couple in Saudi Arabia gets their first Child

The news now and then, the history itself is full of young age love, forced marriages and young people becoming parents at a tender age. This leads to some issues later on, and the state should make some laws on early marriages, setting a minimum age for both the bride and the groom.

Many Countries have worked upon and implied such rules but still, in some rural areas, this practice is seen. Ali Al-Kaissi is 16 years old young second-year student of intermediate who got married to his 15 years old cousin almost a year and a half ago. He is considered to be the youngest groom of city Tabuk.

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His news of becoming a father stirred a topic of debate between the people. Ali Al-Kaissi became the father of a baby boy last Friday. His wife gave birth in the military hospital. He thanked God for his happiness.

He was interviewed by a Saudi newspaper. According to his interview, when his wife entered the hospital the staff refused to operate her in the absence of her father saying that she was under 18 years. Ali Al-Kaissi explained that the hospital was insisting that his wife father should sign a legal document allowing the doctors to perform a caesarian delivery if necessary.

Later on, Ali met the head of the hospital who was a very responsible person and allowed him to sign the documents. The baby was delivered normally rather than a cesarean delivery. Ali named his baby Mohammad after his father.

Al-Kaissi said his wife’s mother is currently taking care of their child and helping them to adjust on their parenthood. This topic became an issue of talk everywhere, many people supported him while the other showed hatred. A child producing another child and taking the responsibilities of marriage and childbirth is not just a child play.

Many responsibilities arise when we are bound in a marriage relationship or become a parent.  Parenthood is a serious business. We should take it seriously. Some people think it is very unfair for a child to become a father at this very early age. They think that he did not live his own childhood like other kids.

This is very unfair for these two Childs. Many people supported him and congratulated him for his new and beautiful life ahead. One of his supporters said this type of marriage is much better than illegal affairs and watching porm at a small age.

As a Muslims, we all know that there is no specified age for marriage in our religion. Shoura Council is taking all the steps to make legislation against Child Marriage, still, 1 out of 7 girls in Saudi Arabia gets married before 18.

Source: Saudi Gazette

  • Kimberleely

    The poor girl.

  • Abu yazeed

    I salute the young man. I wish I became a father in this age even though I was at the age of 23 now father of 4. He will learn life the harder way and wil mature him up more quicker, along with his wife. May Allah bless them both. Allow these western contamination.

  • Owais Ansari

    wtf.? how does the girl become poor?!
    she wasn’t forced to do this. and sex between spouses is better than sex between girlfriends&boyfriends with contraception.

  • Jiah

    It’s hard to bear a child in such a tender age

  • Re Gi Na

    Well actually my grandmother marriages to my grandfather at the ages of 13 his uncle cousin of his mother.. and my sister marry at 14 to her husband same ages become parent at 15…

  • Lynsey Blackburn

    Why poor girl?? It was both consented and they are of the same age as each other, they have made a life commitment to one another, instead of losing her virginity to an immature boy who, like in western countries leaves the girl to go abort on her own or raise the child single handily struggling most of her young life! This girl is in a better position than most!

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