Has the Family Visit Visa Fee reduced to SR 500/person?

An image has been in circulation in the social media these days which claims that the fee for family visit visa has been reduced to SR 500. I have been receiving many queries to give my opinion about this news. Before jumping to any conclusion, let’s post-mortem the clip so that even you can reach to a conclusion yourself.

1st Paragraph of News Clip: The first paragraph of the news clip states that the family visit visa fee has been reduced to SR 500 for 120 days’ visa. This is the fee for the single entry family visit visa which cannot be extended at the end of the period of 120 days.[irp]

2nd Paragraph of News Clip: The second paragraph of the news clip states that the fee has already been implemented from the month of Muharram. The visas will continue to be issued till the seasonal (Hajj and Umrah period) halt of issuance of visas by the Ministry. You can apply for the visa of your first degree relatives i.e. father, mother, children and spouse. The fee for the family visit visa is SR 500.

Current Scenario: Currently, the fee for family visit visa is SR 2,000 per person if you are applying for the single entry visa. The visa is issued for a period of 90 days and Extension of Family Visit Visa is also made online for 90 days at a cost of SR 100. There are several issues with the news clip which helps us to reach the conclusion.

1-It is not coming from an official source. It has been claimed by many people that the source of this information is Jawazat website but it is not true. Merely putting a logo of Jawazat doesn’t make it a Jawazat website source.

2-We tried to search this information on different official websites but couldn’t trace any link to this information.

3-The new clip is claiming that the fee has already been implemented from 1st of Muharram, actually, people have been still paying the fee we have stated above i.e. SR 2,000/-

4-It is also claiming that the visa will be issued for a period of 120 days, in reality, I have never any kind of visa issued by the Saudi Ministry for a period of 120 days. They just issue it for 3,7,14,30 and 90 days.

5-The news clip is also claiming that the visas will continue to be issued till seasonal halt in the processing of visas. Well again, this is not true. From the time they have increased the visit visa fee to SR 2,000/-, they don’t stop issuance of visit visa at any time of the year.

Conclusion: After reading all that I have stated above, do you still need my opinion about the credibility of the news.

  • Abdul Rawoof

    Dear Admin Jazakumulla khair you are doing great job.if we need any clarification we are looking to your FB page.
    i have 1 query please can you give me a answer.
    1. my iqama is going to expire on 20/12/2017 to renew i have to pay dependent fee till 10/12/2018 if i pay the fee after that suppose company if terminate me in the month of Feb so how can i refund my remaining dependent fee.

  • Muhammad Bilal Arif

    Dependent Fee is non-refundable, it is clearly mentioned on MOI website

  • as of now, the dependent fee cannot be refunded.

  • Attention guys, we serve for visiting visa issue for family without any kofil stamp/signature or any other things we needs just your iqama No. (1-2) days within handover you visa copy 0547205611

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