Who is Jeevan Grover? A Jubail resident who wants to kick out Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar government doesn’t own the Rohingya Muslims; they don’t even recognize them as a minority. As a result, if they are killed, raped, torn into pieces or even minced, nobody cares as in the books of the government, they don’t even exist.

The United Nations itself named the Rohingya Muslims, the most prosecuted minority in the world. The entire International media has been claiming the genocide against Rohingya Muslims as the “ethnic cleansing” by the Myanmar government. However, there are some people who support the killings of Muslims in Myanmar.

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An image has been viral since yesterday on social media in which the profile page and a comment of a Jubail resident are displayed. In the comment, which is most probably under a video or image of Rohingya Muslim killing, he said;

“Kick the bastards out. No appeal, no daleel. We created a dustbin in 1947, let all the Muslims who support illegal immigrants go to Pakistan along with ‘Jai Chand’ of Congress; leftists and others who support them. Zero tolerance.”

Kick the bastards out – He is talking about Rohingya Muslims, yes the Rohingya Muslims who don’t have a shelter to live, food to eat, clothes to cover themselves. Their daughters are sisters are being raped by Myanmar forces before being torn into pieces.

We created a dustbin in 1947 – He is talking about Pakistan, the only country which is founded on the name of Islam. The only atomic power of the Muslim world and the second most populated Muslim country.

Let all the Muslims who support illegal Immigrants – You took it wrong. He is talking about Muslims who are living in India. There are around 200 million Muslims living in India but unfortunately, they have never been owned by Indians. They are not treated like Indians but Muslims.

Although there are other comments of the people in the same nature the reason people are outraged with his comment is that he is living in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, working in Saudi Arabia, eating from the plates of Muslims and still having that much hate against Muslims?

In his profile, he has written that he is the CEO of Hadi International Trading & Contracting Company. However, I doubt if he is really a CEO of the company. If you look at the Organizational Chart of the Hadi International Trading & Contracting Company, there is no post of CEO there.

Moreover, on the website of the Hadi International Trading & Contracting Company, there is a section of Key Persons. If you click on that section, you will find many Indian names but not the name of Jeevan Grover who claims to be the CEO of the Hadi International Trading & Contracting Company.

However, it does not mean that he doesn’t work there. Looking further in his Facebook profile reveals pictures with a group of people and on his background, you can easily see the name of Hadi International Trading & Contracting Company. The way he is standing there, it seems that he is in a managerial position there.

Hadi International Trading & Contracting Company deals in construction and contracting, steel structure, industrial services, rental services and trading activities. We tried to search his Linkedin Profile but couldn’t get any success. However, we have been able to find his Twitter Account. If you know any other details about him, please share it in the comments below.

How to Report Jeevan Grover?

If you or anyone knows about Jeevan Grover, you can directly go to the Police Station in Saudi Arabia and register a complaint against him under the Cyber Law.

The chairman of the Hadi International Trading & Contracting Company is a Saudi. His phone number and email address have been given on their website, you can call him and report about it.

If you can’t even do this, at least share it with others so that someone else can take this action.

Message from the Chairman of the Company: We contacted the Chairman of the company he had been working with. He ensured us that Jeevan Grover has been deported from Saudi Arabia and he does not have any more relation with the company. He also requested others not to call him as he is receiving thousands of calls.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    I contacted the Chairman. According to him, he has been kicked out for good back in 2016.

    Chairman asked me to please ask others to stop calling him as he’s receiving too many calls ^_^

  • Ajay C

    Muslims are treated as equals in Indian society and as Indian as anyone else. Infact they are treated better than some Hindu groups like the Dalits and Adivasis. We do not even consider them as Muslims but as Indians, our blood brothers. Indians muslims had rejected the idea of Islamic state in 1947 and did not go to pakistan but chose to remain in a secular India and We Indians respect them for that.

  • P S Younus

    This maybe a trick to prevent people from calling the Co

  • syed shah

    Only respecting is not enough brother, we muslims ever accused, utter bad words, lynch, disturbs, to any other faith? do know any one of such case? YOU good ppl must come forward and raise your voice to stop discrimination against muslims and other oppressed. Lynching is become common now a days. I know many hindus enjoy beef imported from indian Hindus in Gulf. What an Irony.

  • Javeed Ahmed

    This guy was deported from KSA in 2016 due to similar activity and he is currently in Bahrain it seems.

  • Samreen Khanam

    He is in Jubail i called company to provide his iqama number if he is deported they said what we will do if he is in KSA also….Seems like his company defending him as he is one of the cofounder of this company

  • Eldid

    It’s not wise idea to highlight such thing. Indians are testing the Saudi people and now Indians comes to know that if any such hatred words are posted in social media, they will be kick out. So they posted such things after they left your company or country. Indian Hindus are such a stupid hate mongers that they will never behave well. They should be kick out from all the Muslim countries.

  • Syed Shadab Hussain

    ase india raiyal behj kar india ko sport karte hy.
    or RAW ko bhi jo sirf muslims ko is dunya me khush nhi dek sakte.

  • Javeed Ahmed

    I have sent email to the company chairman and got his response below


  • Javeed Ahmed
  • Amjad Khan

    I agree with Ajay as we have hindus, sikhs, christians friends for several decades and we always respect each other as good friends. Only some bad fellows like Jeevan Grover are part of every society which do not show respect or care for humanity. Extremism is sad in every shape and form.

  • Zia

    Good efforts

  • Albert

    Hi Steve, I do not support the statement of Mr. Jeevan Grover, but I think you and many others here are over reacting on this issue.

    First of all, in his controversial statement that you posted here, Mr. Grover is NOT against ALL Muslims. He is simply against Muslims who supports illegal immigrants. And he is not against the Rohingya Muslims, because they are Muslims. He is against the Rohingya Muslims because they are illegal Immigrants. Can you see the difference there?

    Any country in the world, including Saudi Arabia, deports (kicks-out) illegal immigrants, regardless of race, nationality, color or religion. And even Saudi Arabia itself, kick- out many Muslims, if they are illegal immigrants.

    You basically mis-interpreted Mr. Jeevan Grover in his statement. And if there is a law against posting mis-interpretation of someone’s statement on the internet, I’m sorry to say that you are guilty on this one.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Good thinking, be my guest and give him a call then

  • Hi Albert, please do a little research who are Rohingya Muslims? Why are they illegal? They are not illegal by choice, they are illegal by birth.

  • Albert

    Steve, whether the people of Rohingya are illegal by choice or illegal by birth, the reason they are being kicked out of Myanmar is because according to Myanmar’s Government, they are illegal immigrants.

    When Mr. Jeevan Grover expressed his opinion against the people of Rohingya, it was not because they were Muslims, but it was because they were illegal immigrants. Your article suggests that Mr. Jeevan Grover hates All Muslims, which clearly is not true. And frankly, your article is falsely accusing Mr. Grover of being a person who hates all Muslims.

    By the way, I’m not at all connected with Mr. Grover, and I do not agree to his expressed opinion. But when you falsely accuse him of hating all Muslims, you put his life in danger from militant or extremist Muslims who knows where he is. The internet is a very powerful media. Bloggers like you should be careful and responsible with what you post on the internet.

  • ok – enough lies ,

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