My Uncle used to give me electric shocks as Punishment – 11 years old Saudi boy

Child abuse is not a new phenomenon. As children are weak and cannot defend themselves, others take undue advantage of it. Even though child abuse is and certainly cannot be justified, yet what shocks me is when I hear the news of child beaten up brutally by his own relatives!

How can be people be so cruel towards their own blood? What is wrong with people? Why do they behave inhumanly? Assaulting your own child is something that one can’t even imagine. Yet we live in a world where there are people who cause shame to Humanity.[irp]

This unfortunate incident struck in Jazan region where 11 years old boy was being physically assaulted and abused by his maternal uncles. According to the sources, the boy is a Saudi national who was given electric shocks using electric wires.

The Sibya province police, who represent the security authorities of Jazan, started investigating into the matter. The case was highlighted when duty manager at Sibya hospital informed Sibya police about the arrival of an injured child. The child’s body revealed that he was brutally treated.

His body was covered with injuries that came from assaults. This call made police active and concerned authorities had to jump into the matter. This has been disclosed by the media spokesman of Jazan region police, Capt. Naif bin Abdulrahman Al-Hakami.

He further revealed that when the boy was reached at the hospital, it was found out that he was just an 11 years old boy having Saudi nationality. The boy used to reside in Jahira village which is located in the Sibya province. The child said that he does not know what his crime was.

He does not know what made his maternal uncles so fierce but he knows that he used to get punished through electric shocks. His uncle, who is 27 years old and resides in the same village, came and took him along in his car.

They reached his house where the boy was kept and other uncles joined in the room and assaulted him. They used electric wires to give him electric shocks. Once they were done, the boy was thrown out of the house. The violence had caused injuries and bruises at different parts of the boy’s body especially at the back, pelvis, thighs, forearms, and chest.

Medical reports claim that the boy would take 10 days to recover. However, if any complications occur, the recovery time period can take more days. Al Hakami has ensured that all the suspects have been arrested. We hope that investigation would be set up soon and justice would be done. We pray for the speedy recovery of the boy!

Source: Arab News