8 Items you must carry with you on your first Honeymoon Trip

1-Super-Hot Lingerie: Make sure you are packing a set of your super-hot lingerie with you especially if you are a recently married couple. This requirement becomes less important in Honeymoon no. 2,3 and 4. When you have kids, it is almost a burden for women to carry super-hot lingerie and when kids are grown-up, you must not take your super-hot lingerie with you.

2-Pack of Condoms: Although they are available everywhere but not having it at a time of need may cause trouble for you. It is better to carry a pack with you if you people are on protection.

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3-Camera: So you have packed everything you could think of for your romantic getaway however you do not have a camera to capture the beautiful moments. Although most smart phones have excellent cameras that can get the job done, there are still some people out there who prefer the good old camera, and some of the newer digital cameras are much better than any smart phone camera.

4-Variety of shoes: It is vital not to just stuff your bag with stilettos or high heels. A comfortable pair of sneakers and flip-flops are also a must as you might have to walk to explore your honeymoon destination.

5-Portable Speaker: Though this has become sort of a staple whenever one is traveling, for the newlywed couple, they might want to enjoy some music in their hotel room or while they are having a picnic in some lush green garden or golden beach. It is vital to set the mood so don’t forget it.

6-Bubble Bath Kit: Although most hotels do provide bubble bath kits and other essential toiletries just take one or a few bubble bath starters in order to draw the perfect bath. After all that traveling, one would want to get as clean as possible, before heading to bed.


7-Makeup: Good makeup can be often categorized as being equally important to pretty clothes. One should make sure that they have the following makeup products with them at all times;

Concealer – It can act as a savior for those days when an angry pimple or zit pops up on your face. It is also helpful in hiding the dark circle under one’s eyes in real life as well as the pictures.

Primer – to not prime can be considered a crime. It is highly probable that you will be spending the majority of your time outdoors in the sun, shopping or exploring your honeymoon destination. A good primer can form a spotless base for your entire makeup and helps it remain in place.

Eye Makeup – Mascara, eyeliner and a kohl pencil are the absolute basic necessities of eye makeup as well as a complete makeup/beauty kit. There is also smudge proof or waterproof varieties available.

Foundation – an absolute must-have for the newlywed bride for a constant glow. Choosing a color which may be one shade lighter than your own skin can brighten up your face instantly.

All in one color palette – this is a lifesaver for all those touch-up needs while you are traveling.

8-Toiletries Kit: One should always be prepared and carry a kit of essentials to maintain one’s hygiene and grooming;

  • Scented Body Wash.
  • Ear buds.
  • Tweezers for any unwanted hair emergencies.
  • Tampons and/or Sanitary napkins.
  • Hair removal creams or wax strips, whatever you prefer.
  • Scented body butter.
  • Your best perfume
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