How much you need to walk to perform Hajj?

A question comes to every mind who wants to perform Hajj, how much do I have to walk to perform Hajj? First of all, it is important to mention here that Hajj is difficult. Perhaps this is the reason Prophet Muhammad S.A.W asked us to pray for the ease of Hajj whenever you intend for it.

Before I went to perform Hajj in 2017, I was also curious about how much will I have to walk in the 5 days of Hajj starting from 8th of Dhul Hijjja to 12th of Dhul Hijja. I could not find any answer on the internet. After performing Hajj, I have decided to update readers of this website about this issue.[irp]

If you are using an iPhone, there is a built-in application to count the number of steps you have taken and the distance you have covered on foot. The name of the application on iPhone is “Health”. If you are using an Android phone, you can install any other application from Play Store.

8th of Dhul Hijja: You need to reach Mina on 8th of Dhul Hijja. Wherever you are, your Hajj agent will transport you to the Mina Camp booked for you. You don’t have to walk a lot on this day. You can roam around a little bit to see the outskirt of your Mina camp.

If you see in my meter, I walked for 7.8km that day. Actually, I had to go to a Pharmacy to buy some medicine for my wife. On a reasonable basis, you need to walk only for 2km on this day (only if you want).

9th of Dhul Hijja: This is the day of Hajj. People move from Mina Camps to plain of Arafah on this day. You need to walk from your Mina Camp to the Train Station near to you. You will go to the Mina Station according to your Mina Camp. Let’s say if your Mina Camp is in Mina 2, you will go to Mina 2 Train Station. In my case, the distance was around 2km from Mina Camp to Mina Station.

The Train from Mina 2 Train Station will take you to the Arafat 2 Train Station. If you are traveling from Mina 3 Train Station, it will take you to the Arafat 3 and Muzdalfa 3 Train Station. Now you will have to walk from Arafat 2 Train Station to the Arafat Camp. In my case, the distance was around 2km.

You will stay in Arafat for the full day, after sunset or whenever your agent requires, you will have to walk back to the Arafat Train Station. This time is crowded time as everyone moves from Arafat to Muzdalfah. Again, I had to walk around 2km from Arafat camp to Arafat train station.

The train in Arafat 2 Train Station will take you to the Muzdalfa 2 Train Station. Here your agent will take you to the Muzdalfa tents he has arranged for you. We had to walk around 2km from Muzdalfa Train Station to the Muzdalfah tents. You will pray Maghrib and Isha together and stay under the sky till Fajr. My Health Meter is showing that I walked for 9.4 km on this day.


10th of Dhul Hijja: At Fajr time or whenever your agent asks you to move, you will have to go back to the Muzdalfa train station. Once again, it is around 2km. The Train from Muzdalfa 2 will take you either to Mina 2 Train Station (where your camp is located) or Jamarat.

This is the peak time for Jamarat as everyone wants to perform the ritual of stoning the devil at earliest. If you remember, Hajj Stampede in 2015 also took place at this time. I decided to drop at Mina 2 Train Station and walk back to Mina Camp to take some rest. I would suggest the same to you. This time, it was a walk of around 2 km. However, due to heavy traffic, it took us 30 minutes to reach Mina Camp.

We were watching a heavy crowd of people going to perform Rami to Jamarat from the main gate of our Mina Camp. We went to perform Rami to Jamarat after Asr prayer and it was quite peaceful that time. The Jamarat from my camp was around 2km away. In total it was 4km up and down.

After this, you can perform Hadee (sacrifice an animal) if you are performing Hajj Qiran or Hajj Tamattu and shave your head and come out of Ihram. There is no need to perform Hadee if you are performing Hajj Ifrad. I walked around 10.4km that day.


11th of Dhul Hijja: One of the Fard acts of Hajj is to perform Tawaf Ziyara or Tawaf Ifada. We went to perform Tawaf Ziyara on 11th of Dhul Hijja. There is no proper transport system from Mina to Masjid al Haram so we had to walk around 3km to take a taxi.

Taxi charged SR 100 and dropped us near Masjid al Haram. After that, we performed Tawaf and Saee. Normally Masjid al Haram is too crowded on 11th of Dhul Hijja. It is better to perform it on 10th of Dhul Hijja. I think I walked in Masjid al Haram for around 6km to perform Tawaf Ziyara.

If you are performing Hajj Qiran or Hajj Tamattu, you will have to perform Tawaf Wida as well. It is Sunnah to perform it after performing Rami of 12th of Dhul Hijjah. However, according to the scholar assigned to our group, old pilgrims, disable pilgrims and pilgrims with children can perform Tawaf Ifada and Tawaf Wida in the same go. People performing Tawaf Wida can add 1 more km in their estimated walk.

Now on the way back to Mina, it is difficult to get a taxi. Taxi drivers were charging as much as SR 400 for 10 mins’ drive. I managed to hire one for SR 150. They dropped us at the same place and we had to walk again for 3km to come back to our Mina camp.

The day is not yet finished, you will have to go to perform Rami to Jamarat for the second day. It is again at a distance of 2km from our Mina Camp. So in aggregate, 4km. My health meter is showing that I walked for 17.9 km that day.


12th of Dhul Hijja: Now this is the last day to stay in Mina. You can stay until 13th of Dhul Hijja but I decided to go back to Jeddah on 12th of Dhul Hijja. I went to Jamarat again which is 4km up and down and walked to the Bus parked near to our camp. You can see I have walked for 5km that day.

In aggregate, I walked for around 50km in 5 days. If you reduce my trip to Pharmacy on 9th of Dhul Hijja, it is a walk for around 44km purely for Hajj purpose.