King Salman announces 16 days Eid Holidays for all employees (Saudi+Expats)

The Ministry of Civil Service has announced Eid-ul-Adha holidays of 16 days for all employees working in the public sector this year. When we say all employees, it includes expatriate employees as well who are working in the government sector and they are on the payroll of the government. There are many expatriate employees who are working in the government sector but they are not directly hired by the Government. They are on the payroll of sub-contracted suppliers and hence not included in the above order.

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Moreover, there are few sectors who are not included in this. For example, security forces are not granted Eid Holidays in this manner. Similarly, doctors and other operating staff of Ministry of Health is also not granted Eid Holidays in this manner. Their duty timings are set by the individual ministries and it is also included in the contracts of individual employees. However, they get proper compensation for working during Eid Holidays.

The holidays will begin at the end of the working day on Thursday, Aug. 24 (Dhul Hijjah 2) and will end on Saturday, Sept. 9 (Dhul Hijjah 15). Employees will have to report back to the office on 10th of September 2017 i.e. Sunday.

According to Article 4 of the ministry’s bylaw for holidays, the Eid Al-Adha holidays usually start from Dhul Hijjah 5 and end on Dhul Hijjah 15. On the basis of this, the Eid holidays were supposed to begin on Sunday, Aug. 27. However, Article 7 of the bylaw stipulates that if one working day falls in between two holidays, that day will be deemed as a holiday, the ministry said.

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People who are working in private sector will be enjoying Eid-ul-Adha holidays as per the policy of the company. However, Saudi Labor Law stipulates minimum Eid Holidays. According to Saudi Labor Law, you are allowed to have 4 fully paid vacations starting from 9th Dhul Hijja for the Eid ul Adha. (Aricle 112 of Saudi Labor Law).

If your company is giving you holidays for less than this period, you are entitled to overtime at the rate 50% above the wage rate.

Source: Saudi Gazette

  • Khaja Arif Subhani

    What will be the rule for expats working for Saudi Electricity company, during declared Eid holidays, but not on the pay roll of SEC directly.

  • chester claro

    how about the private company? the fastfood industry?

  • Nhara Lik HadjiTaha

    People who are working in private sector will be enjoying Eid-ul-Adha holidays as per the policy of the company.

  • I think we have already explained it above.

  • Ansy Jose

    We are given just 4 days….Only for Saudi Employees 16 days!!! I am direct MoH staff. No increments in salary this year and even after any Royal decree pronounced also MoH is not giving us the holidays as u have mentioned here expats also will get 16 days……. Disappointed!!!

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