Yasmeen, 2nd female pilot of KSA hopeless to work as a pilot for Saudi Airlines

Yasmeen Mohammad Al Maimani set up the record of being the second Saudi female to become a pilot. In 2014 she got her commercial pilot license. The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) awarded Yasmeen her license.  Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi is the very first Saudi female to become a pilot. In 2005 she could pass the exams and training to become a pilot. She studied at the Middle East Academy for Commercial Aviation which is in Jordan. She could get her commercial pilot license in 2014. Her excellence was acknowledged and she was honored with a contract by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal’s Kingdom. She was awarded a 10 years’ contract to fly a private jet at the kingdom of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.[irp]

Yasmeen, however, is not lucky enough as Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi. Yasmeen is still in search of a job as a pilot in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Yasmeen was a bright student. While studying in high school, she would obtain good marks and it was quite easy for her to pave a future in fields like medicine, architecture or even engineering. Her grades at high school were good enough to secure a seat in any good and renowned university. Yet she had a dream and passion of becoming a pilot. Since she graduated she dreamt of sitting in the plane’s cockpit and flying a plane high in the skies. She was overwhelmed by the imagining herself being a pilot, having the plane’s control in her hands and being suspended in the sky. When her family became aware of her dreams, they stood by her.

Yasmeen has appreciated her family’s support. They had stood by her and let her go to Jordon. She got herself admitted to a private academy for aviation. Her expenses like tuition fee at Jordan were borne by the family. Studying hard there, she could get her license only within a year.  When she came back to Saudi Arabia in hope of flying a Saudi plane, she couldn’t find a job as a pilot. She did not lose hope and started attending training sessions organized for pilots. She got her license renewed yet it seems like it was useless.

When an American Airline offered her to represent it in the Gulf region she readily accepted the tempting offer. According to Yasmeen, her 50% tuition fee was borne by the airline. She continued her partially sponsored studies for a year and a half in the field of aviation. [irp]

With her studies completed, she returned to her nation in hope of a job. She got her license from GACA. She was unlucky to be appointed as a pilot so undertook a job at Rabigh Aviation Academy. The job is of administrative nature and does not allow Yasmeen to fly a plane. She is serving as head of the pilots at the academy. We hope that Yasmeen’s talent is absorbed rightly by the Kingdom, we hope to see Yasmeen flying a plane for Saudi Airlines!

Source: Gulf News