Why is Dr. Zakir Naik on the list of most wanted people of India?

Dr. Zakir Naik is a great Islamic scholar. He has been one of the most popular preachers among the Muslim youth. In a short span of time, he gained fame and followers. He has been able to deliver lectures across different nations. His lectures had always been in great demand by the people around the world. His lectures are published online and viewed by worldwide viewers. He could launch his own channel named Peace TV which aired Islamic content. The channel was launched in 2006. He further contributed towards Islam by establishing an Islamic research center. He named it as Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). It is in Mumbai, India.

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However, the Muslim Preacher belonging to India has been now made a victim of hatred. And that is something very natural: fame not only brings in love but also invites enemies. With his fan following, his words given worth and image of Islam being cleared out: some people couldn’t take it. The youth Inspiration, a great Islamic Icon, and a true preacher are now wanted by the Indian authorities.  The reason they give is that Dr. Zakir Naik speeches provoke people to kill others! This theory is supported by an unfortunate event that occurred in Bangladesh. Last year Bangladesh underwent a tragic incident where a terrorist attacked a café in Dhaka. The gunmen involved declared that he was inspired by Dr. Zakir Naik. So, the authorities blamed Naik for the incident in which 22 people died.

As a possible reaction, the Bangladesh’s authorities put up a ban against Peace TV. Peace TV is no more aired in Bangladesh. Also in November, Indian authorities banned the IRF. They blamed IRF for being involved not only money laundering but also promoting hatred among people in the name of religious preaching. National Investigation Agency, which is India’s counter-terrorism agency, lodged a FIR against the Dr. Zakir claiming that it is involved in practices declared unlawful.  Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India approved a 5-year long ban on IRF. The authorities claim that the ban is in alliance with anti-terror laws of Indian State.

However, both Dr. Zakir Naik and his lawyer have denied the charges levied on Dr. Naik and IRF. Dr. Zakir says that he does not stand up for a murder either provoked anyone. He told that Islam does not allow anyone to kill an innocent. He informed that killing an innocent is a major sin: a second major sin to be precise! Mubeen Solkar who is the lawyer of Dr. Zakir said that false charges have been levied on IRF. IRF is not involved in any sort of money laundering.

All the transactions and exchange of money at IRF is made through banks and other legal channels.  In 2012, Peace TV was also banned in India as according to them it’s promoting the ‘Wahabi school’.   Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been involved in coming up with a propaganda against Naik. Naik himself declared that Indian Government has an agenda to levy false charges upon him. 

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India has not only banned Peace TV since 2012 for provoking the Wahabi philosophy but also had requested Interpol to issue a Red Corner Notice against Dr. Zakir Naik. Thereby Dr. Naik has not returned to India since then. Where he lives is not known yet he was on a trip to Saudi Arabia. He gave interviews there and was presented with a King Faisal International Prize for his services towards Islam.

  • Asif Z

    Kindly make the story shorter, so that everyone reads it, most of your posts goes to trashcan only due to very long story. Most of the time, just 4 lines more than enough. This is a just a advice, if you don’t like please trashcan it. Thanks

  • Faisal Bin Faruk (Niloy)

    The gunman declared he is inspired by Zakir Nayek? Where did u get this? The police found that one of the gunman followed zakir nayek in youtube and facebook nothing else. There is no mention of something like that the gunman spoke he is inspired by zakir nayek……It’s just propaganda created by indian media…I am a bangladeshi and I followed the whole story I never found something like this.

  • Mohammed Zaka

    There is a mistake in your article, I request you to please correct it, a Bangladeshi new article said that one of the terrorist was following Zakir naik on Facebook.

  • Abd Al Aleem

    I disagree with you he himself declared that he is not scholar but a student of knowledge, He made numerous mistakes while preaching but as far as I know he didn’t preached extremism or terrorism.
    But he slipped out from the manhaj of ahle sunnat wal jammah.

    He forgot the basics while extending with his scientifics

    Allah knows best.

  • WHat is the difference between “inspired by” and used to follow Zakir Naik on Youtube.

  • Choosy Ka Riyadh

    Hello steve how are you, steve i just have some question and i dont know how to message you privately, anyway i will just state it here, is this new amnesty in saudi arabia allows everyone to comeback? As long we leave the country during the amnesty period? Im a run away or hurroob. If we are allowed to come back do you know anyone who left saudi arabia because of huroob issue and already in saudi arabia now with new employer?
    Hope to read your reply because i want to fix all my documents now and comeback in riyadh and wishing to find a good employer.

  • Faisal Bin Faruk (Niloy)

    I follow donald trump on facebook and I don’t ban muslims or act idotic on stage :/ This is called following and when an idiot believes everything comes from trumps mouth and starts to hate people he/she never met that is called inspiration.

  • Faisal Bin Faruk (Niloy)

    I am not saying zakir nayek is a saint or something but prosecuting people based on propaganda is wrong. Indian media is saying their source is bangladeshi media and bangladeshi media is saying their source is indian media, so u see it’s a loop they just want to sell story on Islamophobia because it is the most spicy topic.

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