What did Trump tell this Saudi artist when they met in Riyadh?

Saudi Arabia is a country full of talented people. We have shown the world ha we are no less: we are equally skilled and talented. We do not lack behind the world in any respect.  Looking at the talent possessed by the young Saudis, even the president of United States of America could not resist praising!  Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia a few days earlier. While he was here he gave a visit to the art exhibition of the Kingdom. The exhibition of art was founded on the theme of Saudi Arabia’s art. The art depicted by the artist focused on the art of the young artist across generations.  The exhibition was unique of its kind. It highlighted the rich culture possessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by incorporating the medium of craftwork. The craft works of young Saudi artists were put up in the exhibition.[irp]

As the president of USA was here, our artists came up with a unique idea: they used the medium of visual arts to appreciate the negotiation between the cultures of Saudi Arabia and America. The experiences of an artist’s life were depicted in the artwork. Abdullah Al-Othman, our young yet extremely talented artist was also there with his work. He is a not only an artist but also a writer. He works with conceptual shapes that emerge from traditional frames of reference. Abdullah Al-Othman believes that art is a medium of expressing the social and political lives of individuals. Art can influence the people and has an important role to play in the society.

His work has not only been appreciated in the kingdom but the world has acknowledged his talent. He has been able to set up successful exhibitions at Caravan in Tolentino and Italy. He mostly shows his work at the Jeddah’s Athr Gallery.   Al-Othman had also exhibited his work in the exhibition was Donald Trump gave a visit. His work depicted the important role of art in the social and political life of a person. Donald Trump was amazed by his work and went for a handshake. He could not resist praising the talented boy’s work.[irp]

Trump told Al-Othman that he had undergone a great work. He praised that his work was not only beautiful but also wonderful.  Well, the boy is surely talented. If his small exhibition can lend him a handshake and words of appreciation by a president of a superpower, he can do wonders in future! We are proud of our every young talent especially Abdullah Al-Othman. May you reap more successes in future! We hope that one day all our bright stars would shine high above the sky!

Source: Al Arabiya